Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I don't read...

I don't read books, I devour them!
Ever since I was little my mom would take me to the library and would ration out my books...
If she didnt we would be back at the library the next day!
No joke!

I found a website where I can record everything I've read.
I need to be better about keeping up on it tho...
Go visit Good Reads 

I read The Help the other week.
You may have heard of it...

It took me two days to finish it. That's a long time! My husband asked what was taking so long?? Well, I had to read it in a southern accent... duh!  I can't wait to see the movie!

Then I started another book! One that blew me away!
It's probably a touchy subject and I'm sure everyone has their opinions.

I will start by saying I believe in Heaven and if I believe in Heaven then I have to believe in Hell.
Everything on this earth has an equal and opposite.
I wouldn't call myself religious, but I would say I'm spiritual.
I was raised Catholic.
I had my First Communion when I was little.
Ive been to confession.
I pray, but I don't preach it.
I haven't been to church since before my son was born.
That is another reason in itself.
There's only one Catholic Church in our town.
They aren't very nice or welcoming...
They make me feel uneasy & out of place.
Do I feel guilty? Maybe a little bit. That's the Catholic in me.
I don't feel that I need to step in to an establishment to pray and worship.
I do it every day. In my own time.
Ive seen prayer work.
I have friends that are atheists.
To each his own.

Reading this book was a huge eye opener!
Kids say the most amazing things.
Out of innocence, before the world corrupts them.
Kids have huge imaginations.
I know my son does.
If you really listen to the words that this boy in the book has to say, if you release an skeptisism, you will amazed!
I was.
There's no way this boy at the age of 3 could have made this up.

Even if you aren't a believer, read it. I'd love to know what you think...
Please, be nice. Even if you don't believe. We can always agree to disagree.

besos :*

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