Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We bought a zoo, I turned 30 and some crab legs!

Tuesday morning I received a text from my guy. 
We would be leaving town as soon as I got off work on Friday and to pack for the weekend. 
That's it. 
No details.
A complete surprise!!
I love surprises!! 
The good ones at least. 

I packed a bag for me and one for the boy. 
We were picked up at our house in Sean's truck.
Gavin being super excited that there was a dvd player in it, built in! 
I managed to pack nothing but cartoons... 

As we drove north I still had no idea where we were going. 
I had some guesses:
We could have driven north to Roseburg and headed for the coast, 
North to Eugene and watched a Ducks Game the next day 
If we were heading to Portland I knew of only one place that he would take me.

The zoo:)

We got to Portland, late and was woken up the next morning at quarter to 7.
Umm, what?? 
I was told to dress warm because we would be outside all day. 

I was 99.9% sure it was the zoo! 

Gavin was so excited to see the animals
& I was too!

Did I mention it was my birthday also??
Not any birthday, but my 30th!

Thus the surprise:) 
Have I got the best bf or what??!

We walked around the zoo, in the 40 degree weather. 
We saw bears (brown and polar), otters (fresh water and salt water) bugs, snakes, monkeys, tigers, cheetah's, giraffes, hippos, etc...

The larakeets were one of my favs.
We paid for nectar and went into the aviary. 
I thought gavin would be scared. 
He loved the birds landing on him and feeding them. 
I was a lil nervous I would get pee'd on or pooped on:/
The birds loved sean!

Our pic:)

After four hours in the cold we needed to warm up and it was too early for dinner so we headed across the parking lot to the forestry building. 

Resting, fitting in a wheel, dressing up and cutting down trees.

I was starving and a lil parched!
Next, all I've been wanting and craving are crab legs...

We ended up at Joe's Crab Shack, OMG!!!

Crab + Wine = Perfection!!

and of course, Sean had to take me to Popeye's the next day!
Im kinda wanting a Shrimp Po'Boy right now...

and the drive home! 

I am loving all of these amazing adventures were going on! 
I have Sean to thank for all of them:) 

I only write when Im happy. 
Lately, Im so happy and busy I haven't had time to write... 
Im okay with that!

Rumor has it that we're going crabbing soon... 

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