Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Trashy Tv Time!

Oh emm gee! I love me some trashy tv! Sadly I wasn't able to make it thru the 3 hours, yes, 3 hours, of bachelor pad last night. I mean, did it really need to be that long??!

Some of the people I didn't quite recognize. Erica was not one of those! I was on the floor laughing when I saw her intro. Who doesn't dance in a bikini with hand weights seductively?? I love how she said she would do anything to win as long as it didn't go against her morals, but her morals aren't that high. Umm, what??! Laughing so hard I was snorting! Not pretty people, not pretty!


Lets move on to Jake and Vienna, I watched his season avidly! They were both in it for the wrong reasons. Both money hungry, fame whores. And whaddya know, they broke up and had horrible acting skills. Now they come face to face after the break up episode... Suspense and drama! eeek!


Aww, what a cute couple they made... I think a lot of her tears were an act. Yes, he yelled, yes I would have cried, but something didn't seem genuine about her crying.

So now, she's on the episode with your new boy. Who by the way is delish! How, how people, did she wind up with this sweet, adorable door mat of a boy?? I shouldn't judge, but she walked all over him in that first episode. Maybe he will grow a set by the end. He did give us a pretty good quote tho in the challenge. "Don't talk baby, it ruins my strength" Maybe he meant to say, shut the eff up or I will drop yo ass and miss the soft bed. No, maybe it's just what I was thinking. After 35 plus minutes of holding her, his arms give out and he drops her. And she was pissed at him???! What. a. hooker.


Drool, right! I'm gonna go write him a letter and tell him when he's done with the annoying one, to come visit me! Hmm, what to tell the hubs about this...

So, I only got an hour and a half in and retreated to bed. Lunchtime can't come soon enough for me to watch more juicy drama!!

To be continued...


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Sara Hutchison said...

Loves it! My guilty pleasure too!