Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"I aint afraid of no ghost"

Well, that title is a big, fat lie!

The bad ones scare me!
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Do you believe in ghosts (evil or good) ??

I'm half mexi, so I grew up with all the hush, hush ghost talk. I believed it whole heartedly!

It never really scared me because it was just a way of life. If something weird happened in our house it was the ghost that did it...

Yeah, we had a ghost. My dad even talked to her one time. He thought it was my mom, till my mom came home and could hear my dad talking. My mom never saw her.

We had a cousin stay over and she saw her. We would have all the doors close in the house, one after another if we were up too late or making too much noise.

My dad says he watched a priest cleanse a house down the street from us. He says he saw the door fly off the hinges. All of the stuff in the house flying around the priests head... And after that we had our friendly ghost that looked after us.

Is that creepy? There are other stories, but I won't bore you with those.

They say that children are more intuitive than adults. They use more of their brain and therefore can utilize that sixth sense.

You know, when the hairs stand up on your arms. A cold breeze blows thru a room with no windows opens. When you sense someone standing behind you. You smell a familiar smell that you shouldn't smell... You take a picture and you get that orb of light.

Call me superstitious or crazy. I'll agree to both:)

This is what happened the other night with my son.

Gavin: Hi, why are you sad?

Me: Who are you talking to?

Gavin: A little boy

Me: That's just you in the reflection, honey.

Gavin: No, look mommy. There's me and a little boy standing next to me. He's sad. He misses his mommy.

At this point I'm freaking out but don't want to show it!

Me: What's his name?

Gavin looks to both sides of him and then looks in the window reflection with a confused look.

Gavin: Where'd he go mommy?

Me: Maybe he found his mommy?

Gavin: Oh, okay!

And he goes about playing...

We live in a really old house that was remodeled. It might be my son's overactive imagination or something else.

Creepy, right!

Got any ghost stories??


Reese and Leigh said...

ohmygod...i just got chills reading this post! i found your blog through adventures of newlyweds- looking forward to reading more!

Sierra said...

yay, I love new friends!