Friday, July 29, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

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1.   My favorite color is  Purple, Dark Blue and Hunter Green! What? I can't pick one!

2.  My travel destination of choice is The Beach! I don't get there nearly enough!
3.  My favorite  food is  mmm, cheese! specifically brie, with a lil wine and crackers!
4.  My happy place is with my friends and loved ones!

5.  My favorite saying is   Don't judge a book by it's cover! I like to look for the good in people, no matter what has been said about them. I will make my own decision.

6. My dirty little secret is I have a horrible potty mouth!

7.  Something friends might say about me is that I  that I'm really funny and am always smiling and laughing:)


Thursday, July 28, 2011

2 Truths & 1 Lie...

Haha, just saw this on a fellow bloggers post and had to do it too!

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We all know this game, right?
Well then... lets play!

I traveled Europe when I was 16

I have 4 tattoos

I married my highschool sweetheart


2 truths. 1 lie.
What's what???

(Now turn your computer upside down and the answer will be read right side up)

Seriously, Thursday???!

Linkind up with Becky @ From Mrs. to Mama

Seriously, you can' t get your child dressed out of his dirty jammies at 3pm?? I understand SAHM, there's no point of changing out of jammies, but these jammies had been on way too long!

Seriously, bathe your child! There's no reason not to! Even if it's for a couple minutes with a good scrubbing down. I felt sorry for this lil babe:(

Seriously, can you wear a pair of pants that come above your butt crack  or a shirt that covers it?? eww! I'm eating here!!

Seriously, those three seriously's just came from lunchtime for me... 

Seriously, is it necessary for us to have construction on every single street I turned on today?? I had a lot to do in an hour lunch and sitting in the blazing heat (yes, I was in AC) did not help my time.

Seriously, I can only type in my  password on my phone one handed. If I try with two hands I get it wrong every time!

Seriously, I don't watch the Bachlorette this season and I'm already sick of seeing, hearing or talking about her...  Next!

Seriously, why is food so expensive?? I want to make healthy meals for my family, but in order to get the best deals I have to go to 14 diff stores, ugg!! Not cool!

As my son would say, Peace Out Rabbits! I need a Margarita! :)

Easy Craft Ideas From Pinterest!

So, have I mentioned that I LOVE this site!!  Pinterest is so, so, so amazing!! Here are some of my insirations for being crafty!!

How easy is this??


Awesome Idea!!

Perfect for all the tee's I have but don't wear!

yes, please!
Source: via Rhiannon on Pinterest

easy and cheap!

hmmm, i love!
Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Awkward & Awesome

It's Thursday so that means I am linking up with Erin at Living in Yellow for some Awkwardness & Awesomeness!!

I was thinking last night about this post and I was really having a hard time coming up with awkward and awesome stories to tell. I asked myself: Self, what happened this week?? When I started thinking about it I realized that I have just become accustomed to the levels of awkwardness that exist every day in my life... Im not sure if that is a good thing or not... Lets say good, because I love to be entertaining! Lets get started, Ready, Go, Set (that's how my boy says it) I love the words and phrases he uses:)


1. Speaking of my son, walking thru a store and him getting away from me, screaming "You're not my son!" Where he got this line I'll never know?? So I'm flushing red and my armpits are tingling because of the anxiety I'm having as everyone turns the stink eye on me. I quietly saw his full name (because as a kid, we know that's when we're in trouble!) Had absolutely no effect on him. He's weaving in and out of aisles, screaming and giggling. At this point I'm not going to yell his name and be THAT mom or chase after him promising a surprise if he comes back. So, I use one word that will guarantee he will be running to me in seconds, monsters! Please don't judge me. We play this game at home if I yell monsters he has to run back to me as fast as possible and if he touches me, I'm safe and the monsters go away... Im sure Ive permenatly damaged him in some way. I swear after I said this word he made it back to me, no tears and held my hand the rest of the time. I had a few mothers come up to me and say they had never seen such a well behaved toddler, hehe! :)

2. This weekend my future seester in law was in town and we did super exciting stuff like take her to costco and walmart!! Exciting, I know! We had dinner over at the inlaws one night and as the hubs was in the restroom, our son decided to run down the hall and slam full force into the bathroom door causing it to open, even tho it had been locked. My seester was worried for my son and immediately looked up and got a face full of my hubs rear end. I died on the spot! I couldn't breathe, speak and was crying as I was laughing ridiculously hard! I tried to block her view but it's hard when you're laughing... More awkward for the hubs than me and for my poor future seester. haha!

3. We were at my future seesters bridal shower that took place at my house. The hubs was working, so I had to entertain as well as watch my mischevious lil monster. I would check on him every so often, thank god for spongebob squarepants, and he was being a perfect angel! As I was reading off one of the games, he must have snuck off upstairs and found the yoga ball. Before I knew what was happeneing I hear my seester say "Gavin, no!" Enter yoga ball flying at lightening speed, down the stairs towards one of the hubs aunts and crash! Me: face bright red, armpits tingling again! Gavin: screaming, "got you!"

4. At that same bridal shower we were talking about how dirty fruits and veggies can be. I am guilty of giving my son some grapes at the store... big mistake, big, huge! All of the aunts and cousins were saying those were the dirtiest of all! Then the hubs grandma says, "you know, they hire mexicans to pick those fruits and veggies!" I have to add, that I LOVE the hubs grandma! She is drop dead hilarious! Most of the relatives enter into an awkward silence and grandma keeps going on about what the "mexicans" do in the field and how filthy they are. Everyone is just staring at her! So me, being the one that likes to make everyone laugh says
Me: "But grandma, I'm mexican!"
Stunned silence as everyone shifts their gaze to me and I start laughing.
Grandma: "well they didn't choose you for a reason honey!"
Me: "That's true, I am only half"
Grandma: "There you go honey"

I'm pretty sure i was able to diffuse the situation. And, I got to see a glimpse of the old grandma and her sense of humor that I love and remember from when I first met her.

5. Today, I decided to wear black panties and white shorts... FAIL! Hey, at least I remembered undies! I didn't notice this till I went to the restroom two hours into my work day... I think I will be sitting down for the rest of the day!

I think that's enough awkwardness for today. Lets move on to the awesomeness section!
I don't know if I'll have that much awesome...


1. My son normally takes 3 hour naps at the sitters, yes you read that right, 3! For me, if i'm lucky, i get an hour. Which is fine, but the attitude i get if it's not 3 is enough to pull my hair out individually! Sometimes, if he wakes up I can snuggle with him and he will eventually fall back asleep. Sometimes i forget that Im not supposed to fall asleep. I have things that need to get done around the house that I can only do while monster is sleeping! Yesterday was one of the days I fell asleep and I didn't care:) The way he snuggles up to me is the best. He woke me up with a kiss and said "Good Morning, mommy!" awwwwww!

2. Getting to hang out with my new seester, even though it was at costco and walmart:) I've only seen her in person one other time. We talk via text and facebook, but that's not the same! She even brought me a Jersey tank top from her hometown! I got a souvenir! woohoo! She is fully aware of my obsessiveness with Jersey Shore on MTV and she's okay with it:) I love her accent! It's prob why I stare at her with a goofy grin while she talks. Gawd, she prob thinks I'm an idiot! haha, sucker, she's stuck in this family now! Well, not till
Cool date, huh?

3. My car got cleaned out! whoa! We were going to use our car to shuttle people and it was a mess! I live out of my car! It wasn't dirty with food, just clothes and shoes. I have a tendancy to take my shoes off and drive and when I get home I leave them in the car. Sweaters, toys and whatever else article of clothing I have shed! So, now, I promise to keep it clean!

Hmmm, I can't think of anything else... Maybe I'll add some later!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

To all the mothers of boys...

This guy cracks me up! Especially when he talks about his son whose 5. It makes me feel so much better about the things my son does and gets himself into! Here he is talking about his son's ting ting... I dare you not to laugh:)

Told ya so!

Eminem + Bruno Mars = awesomness!!

I love this song! Currently Gavin & I are dancing up a storm in the living room! My son is pretty cute when he dances:)

Ive always loved me some eminem and bruno mars, add them together and its perfection!!


What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Hi Sunshines!

Linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

Here's a lil bit of my loves!

And, of course my son is first! I love this lil bugger the mostest!!


I'm loving, my son! He always gets in to the wierdest places, haha!!

Im Loving this outfit with it's pop of green!!

Im Loving adorable babehs!!

I'm Loving, loving me! muy importante!!

I'm Loving, finding new recipes to try out!

I'm Loving, inspiring quotes!

I'm loving, crafty ideas

I'm loving, this new bracelet holder!

That's all for now!


Oh, How Pinteresting...

This is my first time linking up!! Woot Woot! Today I'm linking up with Michelle @ The Vintage Apple

Most of you know I have a small addiction to Pinterest... Check out my latest things I pinned! If you aren't obsessed with this site, check it out! If you need an invite, email moi and I'll get you in! :)

chicken, lime & avocado soup, mmmm


fun idea for a birthday party!

take me away!!

ummm, hello!

effortless beauty

yummy ahi tuna!

peacock tattoo

Sophia Bush

If you don't know what movie this comes from, we can't be friends...

And, that's all for this week! What are your fav pins??


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday's Style File... a day late, oops!!

Hey there! I'm linking up with Courtney's Organized Chaos  Yeah, I'm a day late, what of it?

My current obsession is Mila Kunis! She's gorg! I would even say I have a girl crush on her! Observe...

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Que Bonita, si??! I actually hate how she's so effortlessly BEAU-utiful! Okay, I don't really hate her but would love to be her best friend and borrow all her to die for clothes!!


Monday, July 25, 2011

I just started this link up and I think I totally failed... I blame Monday & not having finished my coffee, eep!

I confess: most kids, unless they are my friends' or related to me, give me hives! I had to leave the office the other afternoon because this girl would not behave! If I hadn't walked out there would have been time outs handed out with a threat of a very stern talking to! Hives, people, HIVES!!

I confess: I still watch MTV... I can't help it! Teen mom and all those other shoes suck. me. in!

I confess: that I just noticed 2 days later that the above confession said shoes instead of shows, but I don't want to change it. Because, shoes suck me in too! So, it totally makes sense, capice?!

I confess: Pretty sure my kid is the cutest kid ever! I may be a little biased tho!

I confess: Dogs, are not for me! But, this weekend I met the most presh lil doggy named lenny!Check him out @  my seesters blog 

I confess: I hate breakfast, with a passion! Currently, I'm starving and wish I had something to eat... fail!

Okay, that's all I can think of now friends!


Happy Birthday Seester!!

Well, it was actually yesterday... Yesterday was super busy tho, actually the whole weekend was super, duper busy!!

Anyways, yesterday was my baby seester's bday! She's 27! How'd that happen?? I still remember when we were little playing with our barbies. Cruising them around in the convertible to the pretend mall and pretend pool. And maybe taking there clothes off and putting them in a shoebox with a ken doll... haha, we were smart cookies back then or horrible perverts!

with our bicycle gang... ;) circa 1990's

Disregard, the super cool tight shorts and tucked in tee... What was I thinking??! My sister on the left in her pretty princess dress, posing as usual;) We have so many fun stories that when we get together we bring up and laugh till we can't breath! Like the time I locked her in the chicken coop (accident, i swear), or the time she thought i was causing the earthquake and she was on roller skates and she was telling me to stop. :) Or the time she stabbed me with a fork in the EYE! Haha, that might have been both our faults. Sadly, the convertible I spoke of earlier had a sad ending. It ended up under my mom's tire as we watched our mom run it over, then put it in reverse and run it over again! Very traumatic! :( She never punched me again tho! Unless you count us being kicked off our school bus for starting a fight... Sisterly love!

We are super serious, all. the. time.

In all seriousness, my seester is amazing! She's beautiful, smart, successful and a wonderful mommy! When friends tell me I'm funny, I tell them they need to talk to this girl! She's beyond funny, I'm talking peeing, your pants, tears streaming down your face funny! She's an amazing mommy to my nephew who is only 3 days older than my son. Pretty cool, huh? She lives down in so cal and is 14 hours away. If I could have hopped on a plane, drivin my car or clicked my heels together to celebrate with her I would have in a second! Life just keeps getting in the way. I love you seester with all my heart and look up to you! Literally, she's 5'9" compared to my 5'3" on a good day!

gorgeous, right??!

~Happy 27th birthday natty, nat! love you, Sheera~