Monday, January 30, 2012

It's Monday already??

Blah, Blah and more blah!
I can't wake up this morning and it's killing me!!
It's foggy and cold, so I have a blanket and heater next to me...

Here are some weekend peecatures to feast your eyes on!

This is how my lil man wanted to watch his movie (astro boy) for the 400th millionth time.
Sitting on my back with his headphones in...
I don't get it, apparently I'm comfy.
After a while I didn't mind because he was driving his cars on my back and it was like a mini massage.

Friday night with an amazing friend:)

Just checking my hairs and face before going out in public.
What? You do it too!
No, just me? Whatevs

Umm, where did my baby go and who is this lil man???
This pic makes me cry...

Speaking of crying.
I did that a lot during this movie!!

Holy cow!
I knew what it was about but I sobbed like a baby!!
Seth Rogan was amazing in it as well as Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Along with crying, I also laughed a lot!
The comedic performance was spot on.


I also watched Real Steel
My lil man loves this as well.
When the robots were fighting my son was up dancing around boxing with them.
He thought it was hilarious when the robots hit each other!!

Happy Monday Pretties!


Friday, January 27, 2012

Fill in the blank!

Oooooh, la, la!
Hi, Im waving at the computer!
Apparently food and coffee puts me in a super mood!
Thank god!

Here are some questions from Lauren

Fill in the Blank Friday!

1.   My favorite place i've ever traveled to is: Costa del Sol, Spain. I want to live there!
2. Any place with a tropical beach where the drinks flow endlessly is somewhere I'd love to go someday.

3.  I pass the time on a plane (or bus, or car ride or train) by sleeping! I am a horrible passenger. I will either get car sick and hurl out the window (if you're lucky) or fall asleep a snoring and drooling mess. Road trip anyone?? It's true, I missed half of europe because the lull of the bus engine made me ass out.
4.  My three must-haves when I travel are  bottled water,   phone/camera and  toothbrush/toothpaste (for when I wake up and need to brush the teethers)

5.  My favorite travel companion is a hoodie & music.

6.  The craziest thing that ever happened to me while traveling is  upon entering Africa, we were told we needed to surrender our passports or the locals would kidnap, sell us into sex slavery and steal our identity.  I am not kidding! Those lil effers still tried to steal me, luckily no passport on me meant they didn't want me. Not the fact that I was spitting and cursing at them. Probably wouldn't have gotten very many donkeys out of me...
7.  The most exotic food I've ever tried while traveling is I have no idea what the meat I ate in Africa was but I'm pretty sure it was rat. The rats were as big as cats there... Can you tell I hated it there??

8.  If I could live anywhere else, I'd live in  on the beach


9.  I have been to a bazillion, it would take to long to count. And yes, airports count as stepping foot into a state
states in the U.S.

I failed.

Tried doing this from Pinterest last night...

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

It was a big fat fail.
It just looked like someone punched me in both eyes, hard!
Why does it look perfect on her and I just look like a back alley hooker that got rode hard and put away wet??
PS: Love her eyebrows, want them!

Peace out!

Friday's Letters..

Warning, some of these letters may not all be rainbows and butterflies...
I may be a lil bit cranky this am.
Im feeling off.
Being a girl and thinking with girl brain.
Speaking of that!

Dear Girl Brain, Ugg, I hate you and your thinking sometimes... Can you just give me a break, puhhlease?! Dear Pinterest, thank you for being around! Last night I got to make a super cute scarf with my bestie and will be sporting it tonight out dancing:) Dear Bestie, thanks for braiding my hairs last night! I now know how to fishtail it like a mo fo! That doesn't mean I won't be stopping by tonight and having you do it. My fishtail looks like a blind person tried to braid it with their feet... Dear coffee, please start to work. Im tired and cranky and need an emotional boost! Dear friends I am so excited to go dancing tonight. I don't know what I am more excited for! The loud, obnoxious music, sweating or watching other people grind on eachother and drop it low that should not be dropping it low... or wait, peeing in the disgusting bathrooms! Yep, totally gonna hold the pee tonight! Dear my lil man, you get bigger, taller and smarter every day. I can no longer pull the wool over your eyes. You remember everything I say! I love you to pieces and you are my favorite! 

Linking up with Ashley
Happy Friday Loves!
Lets make this day go by super fast, mmkay??!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bacon Tampons, a Kardashian being a Simpson & more exciting stuff I found on the internet!!

I am always amazed at some things I find on the Internet and hear out in the real world.
Real world being reality TV and all that hooplah!
Def not politics. 
Don't want to put you peeps to sleep out there! 
And, go! 

I am shocked! Okay not really, not at all. 
I'm sure a man came up with this one to get more action down south... 

I thought they were so in love! 
The got married every year for 6 long years...
Made adorable babies:( 
Whats this world coming to?

This girls amazingly funny, hilarious blog! 
She says everything I want to say and doesn't bleep out her cuss words! 
Go ahead, check her out and I dare you not to laugh!! 

Back to reality TV.
Just when I think the Kardashians can't get any cooler...
Not really that was total sarcasm
Although I love watching them, it is a total train wreck. 
They must be running out of stuff on them 
to print this.
If it does turn out to be true, I'm not surprised!

I'm gonna raise my hand and say I'm exhausted as well!
Do I get to go to an expensive resort and relax?
Hell to the no! 
Do I have chefs/ personal trainers/ nanny's/ personal assistants
to organize my every move?
Then how is she "exhausted" 
Eat a burger! 

The guy that makes me bust a gut when I watch him...
Another reason I love me some bacon;)
but wait, I have to stick it where??

Something to make you laugh, if you haven't already been laughing...

And, that's all Ive learned this week!
Don't you feel smarter??! 
Don't answer that...

Oh how Pinteresting...

Sometimes, I hate being a girl!
Do I really need to bloat so big that I look like Im carrying a four month fetus! 
The top of my pants have been unbuttoned for the past week.
Im giving inanimate objects dirty looks for making annoying sounds
am considering ramming people with my car because they're being dumb dicks and don't deserve to drive. 
My boobs hurt every time I move and my cups runneth over. 
Don't even get me started on the mass consumption of chocolate that I've been devouring... 
Lets hope I don't gain ten pounds in a week.
So, who wants to hang out with me?? 
Didn't think so.

So, lets get started on the things that made me smile this week on Pinterest
Head on over to The Vintage Apple to see some other pins

I got one of my best friends hooked on Pinterest this week! Yay!!
I love getting someone hooked on a good addiction:)

Yeah, there's no hostility here this week...
Stay on my good side and you'll be A-ok!

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

Have you ever tried those ones at costco and dipped them in chocolate.
An old roomate of mine may or may not have made a batch for just us to eat whilst watching American Idol

Making these this weekend.!
I tend to make mass amounts of food. 
I forget it's just me sometimes:/

I had already made this little diddy, but never thought to add tofu to it!

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

I feel your pain Drita!
These b@#$$#& never understand.
My dream of being a mob wife were shattered today when my boss told me that I couldn't date anyone in a gang or affiliated with the mob...
Really boss man??!

Option numero uno for wearing my hairs in my friends wedding

Option numero dos for the bridesmaid hair on my head

In LOVE with this! 
I want this tattoo'd on my finger, maybe??
Also loving the glasses...

Will be doing this for my boy! 
Although he will be wearing a real fake mustache:)
We like to rock mustaches in our house!
See here and here 

Loving this lil number and accessories for my friends rehearsal dinner:)

That's all for this week! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I confess...

I confess:
This kinda makes me feel good in a good catholic girl kind of way.
You know without walking into the creepy closet and talking to the masked person  priest behind the screen.
That used to creep me out to no end.
Why couldn't I talk face to face to someone about my "mistakes" I'd done?
Why did he have to hide behind that screen??
Always made me feel ashamed about what I was telling him and then,
when I had to go out and say my hail mary's and our fathers, I'd fake it.
I felt like I was being watched and so I just moved my lips...
Whoa, that was a lil deeper than I planned on spilling.
Sorry God!

I confess:
I can't keep up on my Hulu Queue:/
Every day something is being added & I have better stuff to do than stay up till 1am watching this stuff. ;)

I confess:
I love our paper shredder at work.
Why is it so fun to shred paper??
the cute lil crinkly paper that comes out of it!!

I confess:
This gloomy weather is giving me the blues!
Like not wanting to get out of bed blues, urrrg!
Source: via Tom on Pinterest

I confess:
I rarely eat red meat but am super excited for the ginormousness (itsaword) of the burger I am having at lunch with two of the funniest girls I know!
Source: via John on Pinterest

I confess:
I got a missed call yesterday from the mental hospital, so I called them back.
Then  I listened to the voicemail.
Apparently, "Becky" missed her appointment and they were concerned, oops!

I confess:
I hate calling insurances and talking to India.
They don't understand me!!

 Happy Tuesday Pretties!!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Friday Nights, Friends and Good Food

Nothing better than after a long week, hanging out with your friends and laughing:)

Where everybody knows your name!

Actually, we are, in our own little demented world we live in!! 

What is love??

Love ~ noun, verb, loved, lov·ing.
1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
2. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.
3. sexual passion or desire.
4. a person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart.
5. (used in direct address as a term of endearment, affection, or the like): Would you like to see a movie, love?
Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

Is it a promise? Is it forever? Can love change? People grow up and want different things. How long do you fight to hold on to that? Do you sacrifice your own happiness? Shouldn't loving be easy?

Shouldn't a touch or look send fire thru your soul?

People change, situations change, you grow up, want different things...
I found this post in my drafts pile. Apparently I couldn't finish it.
Now I can.
I want love, the kind that hurts so good love... ;)

The Band Perry ~ All Your Life

Would you walk to the edge of the ocean
Just to fill my jar with sand
Just in case I get the notion
To let it run through my hand
Let it run through my hand

Well, I don't want the whole world
The sun, the moon, and all their light
I just want to be the only girl
You love all your life
You love all your life

Would you catch a couple thousand fireflies
Yeah, put them in a lamp to light my world
All dressed up in a tux and bowtie
Hand deliver to a lonely girl
To a lonely lonely girl

Well, I don't want the whole world
The sun, the moon, and all their light
I just want to be the only girl
You love all your life
You love all your life

Lately I've been writing desperate love songs
Mostly I sing them to the walls,
You could be the center piece of my obsession
If you would notice me, I
Ohh yeah

Well I don't want the whole world
The sun, the moon, and all their light
I just want to be the only girl
You love all your life
You love all your life

You love all your life

That's all, just some thoughts on L.O.V.E...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sh*t my son says!!

My son is way smarter than I give him credit for.
I have to spell any words around him that I don't want him to pick up on.
He has now started to spell them back to me and sound them out.
I blame my mom for that one.
She works every night with him to sound out words and spell them.
That's the teacher in her.
So, I've started saying things in Spanish.
He can now say a four letter word that starts with "F" in Spanish.

Here are some of things he has told me recently.
Mostly he says them when it's just us.
If I'm lucky I have a witness to verify that in fact my son did just say something that has me in fits of giggles!
They're usually just one liners, but sometimes he throws them into a convo we're having.

I am slowly adding to this post as I remember more things he says.

"When Im older I will have hair in my hairpits. Only big boys get them, not moms. Hairpits, OMG!

He told me the other night he couldn't go into the room because there were three ghosts in there and they were mean ones. (I do not watch scary ghost movies with this kid, yet he always talks about ghosts) These creeps me out a lil bit because I know kids are in tune with these things. I went in to the room and said "Hey, go away, we don't want any" with gavin standing behind me. I looked at him and he shrugged his shoulders and was fine with walking in to the room.

The other night he told me he had to poop in the toilet. This is exciting and we tend to jump up and down to encourage him. The back story is my dad always says he is "LA'ing" when he is throwing something away. A while ago he said to "LA" my sons poop and I said send it to Jacob who is my sisters son who lives in LA. After he was done we had a convo about where he sent the poop to.

Me: Did you flush the toilet?
Gavin: Yep
Me: Where did you send it to?
Gavin: To my best friend Jacob in LA

This kid remembers everything!

Random moment while we are driving in the car. No music was on in the car.

Gavin: Sexy and I know it
Me: Umm, what?
Gavin: I'm sexy and I know it, moooooooom!

We were playing hide and seek in the bathroom (not many options) the shower and behind the door... He still managed to lose me, haha! He went to close the door so I could hide again and he said "You're never getting out" in this weird creepy voice that actually had me thinking if I was ever getting out...

"The world's a messed up place, mom" Totally random as he's playing with his cars... Yes, son it is!

Gavin wanted to go to the store so he could get knew cars. I told him he needed new cars like I need a hole in my head... Hmmm, maybe he gets these saying from me??

Gavin: I'm not going to tell you again mom. Go get in the car, we are going to the store, no arguing.
Me: Umm, no thanks. I'm cool with sitting on the couch today. Besides you have a million other cars.
Gavin: That's not the point, how many times do I have to tell you?? You are making me angry, 1, 2, 3... Okay, you're in trouble. Do you really want to play this game, I'm not gonna tell you aga... Hey I found my red car...
Clearly, distracted by shiny objects just like his mother. At least he's listening when I'm scolding him.

We recently had our cat die. He tried crossing the road and didn't make it all the way across. I found out because my dad texted me at work and told me he took care of it. I didn't think we should tell Gavin because he is very sensitive to anything that happens around him. He always asks every night where his Brody is and it breaks my heart. The other night was a particularly sad night and I was at a loss for words.

Gavin: I miss my Brody, he hasn't been home for a really long time.
Me: I know buddy. Maybe he found another home to go to.
Gavin: No, I think he's lost. We need to put a picture up of him.
Me: That's a good idea
Gavin: No, I think he's hurt, he's dying somewhere.
At this point I needed reinforcements. I called his dad and Gavin had the same convo with him.
Gavin: Daddy we need to find Brody, he's lost and hungry and he might be hurt, & he doesn't have opposable thumbs!!!!
At this point I lost it and he went from crying to laughing. I would ask where he came up with this but I remember the exact convo from a month ago when he was asking Brody to pick something with his paw and I told him he couldn't because he didn't have opposable thumbs. Apparently he listened...

When he's mad at me he tends to tell me the police are going to come and throw me in jail. So this time I decided to egg him on.

Me: What am I going to jail for?
Gavin: For being mean to me.
Me: Okay, here's the phone. Call the police.
Gavin: Fine, I will. (As he holds my phone and stares at the numbers)
Me: (smiling)
Gavin: Whats the number for the police?
Me: You don't know the number?!
Gavin: Yes of course I do!
Me: Then what is it?
Gavin: 5
Me: Wrong
Gavin: Then what is it?
Me: I don't know
Gavin: Okay, what were we doing?

In potty training I am trying to tell him he needs to remember to shake it after he goes pee. I related this to a song. The other day he is doing his business in front of the toilet and he starts singing "Shake it like a salt shaker" while jiggling his junk. Dear god, have I scarred him for life? Will he be singing this to his future girlfriends??

Here is one I overheard between my dad and Gavin as they were hanging up the Christmas lights before Christmas.

Papa: Good help is hard to find, Duke
Gavin: Yeah, but not bad help.

I thought my dad was going to have a heart attack. True story!

Of course along with the funny stories we get the grumpy ones as well.

I have been told, Im mean, Im so mad at you, you're not the boss, I don't care and of course the dreaded, I hate you. The other night I told him that he couldn't have any more fruit snacks and apparently this warrented him telling me he hated me. So with his chin trembling, crocodile tears threatening to spill over his giant eyes he looked right at me and said "I hate you mommy" and then proceeded to run and throw himself on my bed and cry his eyes out. After he was done he came out and asked to snuggle with me. I held him while he sniffled and he said he didn't really hate me, phew!

My lil monkey is always listening even when I think he is asleep. Word to the wise learn to speak multiple languages that your child can't understand!!


Friday, January 20, 2012

The post where I talk about robbing a bank


So, as I was reading thru my hundreds of blogs I stalk  follow I came across  Molly's for the day.
Molly and I became friends thru The Glitz & Glam Blog Swap!
She's a sweet, pretty lil thang!
I love reading her blog:)
She was tagged to post 11 fun facts and then answer questions about herself and she tagged all of her friends. So, I thought I would play along.
Who doesn't want to know random crap about you??
I know I love finding out stuff about friends:)

The Rules
1. You must post the rules. {pretty sure I just did that... }
2. Post 11 fun facts about yourself on the blog post. {I don't think I'm that fun, so how about random??}
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post,
and then create 11 new questions for the people you tagged. {gotcha}
4. Tag 12 people and link them on your post. {hmm, I don't want to tag just 12. My blog, my rules, si?}
5. Let them know you've tagged them! 

11 Fun/Random Facts about lil ol' me!
I've never broken a bone
I'm allergic to shellfish, but eat it till my lips start to swell then pop a benadryl.
I'm terrified of falling through anything.
I will avoid elevators if possible and take stairs terrified...
I am obsessed with tattoos
If I see them on someone it will turn my head.
Doesn't matter male or female.
I have zero tattoos.
I have very good intuition.
Crazy good...
6th sense stuff people, it runs in the fam.

My superpower is making people laugh, hard!

Doughnuts remind me of porn
Find out why here

Ive only been to once concert before.
It just happened last weekend...
Wanna know about it?
Read it here

I love to laugh
I am obsessed with this show!

My boy is my world
Why isn't he a baby anymore??

I am a giant airhead most days
I will do the courtesy laugh and then realize later what was funny.
Friends now if I bust up laughing hours later that I am just now getting the joke...

and here are the questions she asked me:

1.) What's your guilty pleasure?
2.) Fake or real Christmas tree?
3.) What's your favorite hobby?
Pinterest is a hobby right??
4.) Glass half empty? half full?
Half full, but I really have to work on that mindset
5.) What inspires you?
My friends and fam!
6.) If you should do anything in the world and get away with it, what would it be?
Rob a bank, hands down. Ive seen enough movies, I could do it...
If the police read this, I am totally joking not gonna do it ever!
If anyone has a really fast car, email me... ;)
7.) What is your ideal "mate" like?
"Mate" That sounds so Australian!
Anyways, is this answer supposed to be short?
Kind, slow to anger, nice smile, loving heart, good hygiene, lover of life, go getter, handy...
8.) What are you terrified of?
Falling, losing control, losing family and friends:/
I don't even like talking about it
Very superstitious
9.) If you could have one extra talent, what would you choose?
To be more musical!
Ive been having this intense craving to learn the piano lately
to be more crafty!
10.) What is your favorite store to shop at?
Anywhere where the deals are at!
Usually it's ross, I got a Fox shirt there the other day for $2.99!
11.) Are you utterly obsessed with pinterest?
Utterly and totally! I can't get enough
SOPA better not block it or they will have a ton of pissed off women!!

My questions for YOU:
 1. Coffee or Tea?
2. What is your favorite pizza topping?
3. Where are your car keys?
4. What is your best physical feature?
5. What three things do you have with you at all times??
6. What are your fav sayings?
7. Do you talk to yourself?
8. If they made a movie about your life which actor/actress would play you?
9. If you could go back or forward in time, where would you go?
10. Would you rather be a fish or bird, why?
11. Name one thing you worry about running out of?
Duck, Duck, Goose!
& GO!

I don't want to pick just 12 people.
If you read this, you are tagged.
No, no one will die and you won't win a million bucks but
I can learn cool stuff about ya:)


Outfit Inspirations and it's Friday!!

Happy Friday My Loves!
So happy it's Friday!!! 
This has been a stressful week to say the least.
We changed the phone system at work and it has been one thing after another with that scenario...
We had creepy mccreeperson visit me. 
Read about that {here}
To add to that story he came in yesterday and leaned over the counter and took a deep breath in.
and then asked if that was me that smelled good...
I said no and walked away.

So lets talk about something fun.
Like, Pinterest and ideas I get from there so I can get dressed in the morning!
I got his from Leeann at Join the Gossip

So in the rainy nw weather I am craving some sunshine and beachy weather. 
These outfit choices would be perfect for it!! 
Sign me up please!!!!

Jean shorts, tank & sandals!

Loving this skirt and tank combo!

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

Pretty sure anything with white pants looks good!

!Love these colors together!

Comfy and Cozy!

Love me some summery dresses! 

My fav outfit so far!!

Pair anything with jacks and I'll wear it, anything!!

I am loving white!

For sailing...
for beachcombing:)

If ya wanna link up for this you can go {here}
Have an awesome friday!!