Tuesday, December 13, 2011

dirty old men, x rated movies and doughnuts...

This post comes with a warning...
Do not read this if:
A: You don't like hearing or talking about adult movies.
B: You have a weak stomach when it comes to bodily fluids.
C: You like doughnuts

I guarantee you if you like doughnuts now, you will not like them after reading this.

Apparently some of my friends find this story amusing.
I, at the time, did not!

I used to work for a Video Rental Place

This said video rental place had a lil back room that had a curtain.
Most people that are smart enough just steal them off the Internet, or download them for their viewing pleasure...
The type of clientele that would come in for these movies was older men. We had dvd and vhs movies.
It was a great day when we got a big shipment in of new movies!
Occasionally we got the younger ones in. The ones that were embarrassed and would run back there real quick grab the movie and make a beeline for the register.
We liked to make it a torturous experience, by letting them know they had already rented this particular movie 42 times...
There were cameras in the room. Some guys didn't want to spend the $7 on the movie.
They decided they could just look at the peecatures and have some "fun"
 We would scream for them to zip up there pants or we were coming in there.
That usually backfired and they wanted us to come in there.
We had to clean that room often and thoroughly...
The room was right next door to a donut shop.
How do you clean semen off the shelves in that room you ask??
Hot water and bleach!
Armed with a full body suit, gloves and a mask we would take turns cleaning, gag, the shelves off.
Want to know what happens when hot water hits dried semen??
Its disgust, I'm gagging thinking about it!!
So that room smelled of doughnuts and spooge slime when we had to clean it.
I, 6 or so years later, cannot eat a doughnut without thinking about porn.
Hungry now??
I live in a small town, you wouldn't believe the people I would recognize returning these movies.
It embarassed them more than us.
We would just smile:)
That is the short and sweet version of that story...
Did you enjoy that?
Yeah, me either.

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