Friday, August 26, 2011

News to me!

So back when my monkey was a little thang and I was home for those 5 weeks I used to watch the food channel like crazy! I still do, but I had an immense amount of time since I was home and I had already cleaned the house 42,000 times over.

Anyways my fave show was Take Home Chef with Curtis Stone. I loved him and thought he was so adorable. I wished and prayed that he would find me at the store and make me take him home. I would gladly feign being an idiot in the kitchen to have him in my house and maybe win him over and then he would never want to leave. Im sure the hubs would have been okay because hey, Curtis Stone was cooking for us!

Sadly, my world was rocked when i saw this picture.

Grrrr, I can't compete with Lindsay Stone!! Here she is in all her gorgeousness... And I hear they're having a lil bambino soon. Fan-freaking-tastic!

I'm totally kidding, kind of. I love both of them and they make a totally cute couple and probably adorable babies! And that is all, for now... ;)

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