Thursday, August 18, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Awkward & Awesome time


~forgetting to put deo on, getting to work and finding out your spare deo has melted. I still tried to put it on...

~lighting mailbox something on fire to kill wasps and it smoking A LOT!

~having a van stop and say is that mailbox on fire?? I respond with no, it has a nasty addiction to cigarettes. I got a dirty look with that retort...

~quickly putting out said fire, in case a fire marshal was called...

~forgetting I had hair dye on and losing track of time on Pinterest, resulting in the hairs being a lil darker than normal...

~having a ton of awkward stuff happen and trying to remember it and failing.

~having my son pretend to be a dog in a store and wanting me to throw him a bone repeatedly.

~buying my hubs birthday presents and then as soon as we get home, my son running to his dad and telling him everything we just got him. Awesome, kid!


~no more wasps in mailboxes, yay!

~being blessed with good friends, when times are hard

~clean sheets

~yummy, quick dinners

~finding not one, not two but three shirts on the $2 rack at Rue 21. Score!

~rafting this weekend on the wobblies (gavins term for rapids)

~bbq'ing in the sunshine

~ darker than normal hairs:) it's just hair, it'll grow out!

~my hairs are so long! finally!!

~finding E.L.F. makeup and it working for my complexion. Don't know what that is? Go visit The Bargain Blonde she's in the know!

And that's all I can think of for now... hmm, I'm sure there are  more. Oh wells!


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