Monday, October 31, 2011

weekend in letter form:)

Dear Monday,
I truly despise you.
Who do I speak to about getting Mondays taken off the weekly schedule??
I would like to write a strongly worded letter to them.
Sincerely, disgruntled person

Dear Keys,
Why must you evade me constantly??
I had the best of intentions when I put you in a super special spot last night.
Knowing in the am, when my brain is fuzzy, pre coffee that I would not be able to find you.
If there was ever a time for an inanimate object to come to life this morning would have been it!
I apologize for growling at you when I did find you.
Sincerely, the crazy lady that was pulling her hair out this am.

Dear Gavin,
Thanks for helping me look for my keys this am.
Although, I'm fairly certain I would not have put my keys in your pretend kitchen or in the toilet.
I appreciate the effort and genuine concern you had.
That is until you found a toy that absolutely needed to be played with. ;)
Love, your crazy mommy

Dear Weekend,
Why do you always leave so quick??
I could relive Saturday over and over.
Yes, I stayed in sweats most of the day.
Yes, I may have watched a few movies and drank some amaze coffee.

There was a pretty good omelet in there too!
It's gone...
sloth like
Playing pirates and making wishes was awesome too!
besos, si

Dear To Whom it May Concern,
Awesome signage!
I really had to pee, before I saw this sign.
No worries, I obeyed it!

Dear Pumpkin,
Sorry you are still on the porch, uncarved...
Im not good with knives.
I ultimately would lose a finger or two.
Although, I have duct tape.
I didn't feel like taking the risk.
My fingers thank me!

loves, me

That's all, peace out rabbit!

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Ashley Slater said...

haha I am cracking up: "I really had to pee, before I saw this sign" hahah

weekends DO go by wayyyy too fast!