Thursday, September 27, 2012

How's my heart supposed to beat without you??

I'm a little emotional tonight... 
4 years ago, at this very moment, I was checking into the hospital. 
No pain, just felt like I kept peeing my pants. 
ewww, dumb nurse asked if I was... 

When I told my almost 4 year old that this time 4 years ago I was on my way to the hospital, he rolled his eyes and said: "I know mom, I was there, remember??" 

His smile can change my mood, his tears can change it too.
I love the way he smells in the morning when he wakes up. 
His belly laughs and the way he can out argue me in anything, sean too. 

The other day he was wanting me to open yet another snack for him, the first three weren't sufficient. 
He started arguing that he was still hungry. 
Sean told him that food doesn't grow on trees.
Gavin then came back with something about his papa giving him an apple the other day. 
I couldn't hold my giggle in. 

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Sometimes, I lay my head against his chest and listen to his breaths and hear his heartbeat.
I tell him all the time that I built him from scratch.
His fingers, his toes all the way up to his nose.

As I'm typing this, I just caught him mid air from falling off the bed.
He mumbled a thank you.

I want to give him everything, that might be my downfall.
If he asks for it and gives me his big eyes and eyelashes, I cave.

He's so smart, and Im not just saying that because he's half me...
He can talk his way out of anything.

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He is also not a morning person just like his mama!
He will tell me he's still sleeping and doesnt want to get up in the morning.

My crazy, hectic mornings, the quick kiss goodbye and 35 hugs later, nine hours away from him, his non stop talking ( I don't understand how he breathes sometimes), his ocd ways, his arguing, his amazing hugs, hearing him say I love you mom.

It makes waking up every day, 100% worth it.

My heart wouldn't be able to beat without him.
I would walk in front of a bus or take a bullet in a heartbeat for him.
He takes care of me when Im sick, he scratches my back when I have an itch.

He's my everything and I love him to the moon!

Happy 4th birthday Gavin!!

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