Wednesday, July 25, 2012

what i've been pinning lately!

Ive been a slacker posting these. 
Oh, I've still been on Pinterest
Mostly I hit like while I'm perusing at lunch and then organize later. 
These are my recent loves!

Oh how Pinteresting!!

Linking up with The Vintage Apple!

That would be me and my seester! In between running through the sprinklers!

yeah totally me this week! Angry, then crying then craving carbs and chocolate... I think I showed my crazy a bit:/

Word! Prove it:) This goes for girls and guys!!

Always needing a reminder of this!!! Im def a lover:)


I will do this picture!! Just gotta convince the boyfriend to do it with me and reassure him it will not go on fb or on the blog, hehehe... Oh wait, he reads this. damn!

Oh em gee!!! A wine sippy cup (I am saying this in a squeal!!!)) No way, why do I not own this yet???

Yes please:)

That's all folks! 

Im sleepy and ready to hit the hay!
Yay, for tomorrow being Thursday, brings me one day closer to seeing the boyfriend:)
I miss his face... 

Night loves! 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

back so soon??

Why do the weekends go by so fast and the week so slow??
Time flies when you're having fun!
Friday was a killer day. The anticipation was horrible!
Finally the day was over and I got my oil changed in my car, picked the boy up and my friend joy and headed to the coast for some camping!!!!

I kid, I love camping! Something about being outdoors, surrounded by friends, huge bonfires and snuggling in a tent with my two loves:)

This weekend went way too fast! Im exhausted and a lil sunburned :/

Enjoy the pics!

this may have been after a few drinks... 
Josh decided to plank the dunes, then joy wanted to plank josh and then I wanted to see exactly how much weight josh could stand. 

No josh's were harmed in the making of this human jenga.

I was feeling very peaceful on the sand, the drinks may have helped. 
My balance is surprisingly spot on whilst drinking!

So, this photo has been altered. 
The girls were way too huge, so I shrunk them... 
Who does that?? 
Most girls would want to plump them up! 

A lil yoga by the fire, totally safe!
1. Sean showing gavin a dead crab, haha!!
2. Hunting for seashells with Sean.
3. cheesy face
4. how i spent most of saturday
5. we play with fire!
6. on our way to the beach!

a late night run to the beach:) 
so pretty at night!!

hahaha, i don't remember this... 

nice photobomb josh!

Some mickey mouse pancakes for lunch:)
And, then we headed home.
Now, laundry and cleaning and then work tomorow, yay!
Time for a nap:)
I had a great time with some amazing friends and the boyfriend.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

If you really knew me...

If you really knew me,
you'd know that I have an escape route planned anytime I walk into a new place.

If you really knew me 
you'd know I'm shy around people,
I'm unsure of how to act

If you really knew me
you'd know I care too much, love too much and get my feelings hurt really easily.
I'm sensitive.
If you really knew my
you'd know I could sleep all day

If you knew me,
you'd know I'm terrified of losing people I love. 

If you really knew me,
you'd know I push people away so I don't get hurt. 

If you knew me,
you'd know how to make me laugh.

If you knew me
you'd grab my hand and hold it.

If you really knew me, 
you'd know that I don't like people I don't know very well touching me. 

If you really knew me 
you'd know I love being hugged and kissed and loved on by my guy.

If you really knew me
you'd watch funny movies with me
and scary ones!

If you really knew me, 
you'd know I hate hearing the phone ring.
my phone is mostly on silent. 

If you really knew me, 
you'd know I sometimes know things before they happen.
you'd know I don't always understand them.

If you really knew me,
you'd know I hate when people chew their food with their mouth open
smack their gum. 

If you really knew me,
you'd know that I hate being corrected on how to take care of my son.
I know what I'm doing for the most part, he is still alive and we're going on four years.

If you really knew me,
you'd know when I'm sick, I need love but won't ask for it.

If you really knew me,
you'd know I love the Kardashians.

If you really knew me,
you'd know that I hate running!

If you really knew me
you'd know I hate being rushed, but am always late.
I really try hard to be on time. Especially now with a guy who doesn't like being late, ever!

If you really knew me,
you'd know that I love silly and thoughtful gifts over expensive ones.

I love us:)

He challenges me and can make me laugh in a matter of seconds. 
I hope he stays around because my heart really likes him. 
I don't think he knows how much, I try to hide it... 

and we send each other funny texts, like this... 

Oh wait, I don't think I've sent him this one yet... 
Maybe, I'll wait. 

He also sings to me, albeit at strange times. 
Still he sings. 
In the shower too! 
I'm not in the shower, well, never mind...

He takes me out to dinner.

Olive Garden has a super good deal going on right now. 
2 for $25. 
2 apps, 2 entrees, unlimited salad and bread sticks!! 
He took me last weekend. 
$70 dollhairs later...
 Umm, what??! 
We left in a food coma... 

We're going to the coast this weekend.
 A quick two nighter vacay! 
With my boy! :) 
It's a first!

Everyone rides quads or dirtbikes, 
I ride a 10 speed... 
No, really, that's me. 
I look an awful lot like jen aniston lately... 
Fine, don't believe me. 

He encourages me
He loves me 
he bought me a love bamboo.
 As long as I keep it alive we'll be together. 
Can you over water a bamboo plant?? 
No, seriously.
 I have trouble keeping plants alive... 

Mmmm, yeah. That was a lil mushy... Guys like mushy, right?? 

Friday's Letters

Friday's Letters~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

Dear Friday, It's about dang time you got here!! Dear readers, I've kinda been MIA. My new job is time consuming. 40 hours a week is too much, but gotta make the money. I feel like I actually have a grown up job! I am officially a Medical Billing Specialist! Dear Gavin, I'm sorry I drop you off at school and daycare every day. Thanks for reminding me. If I could I would stay home with you. Unfortunately, I am not that lucky. I hope you stay at home mama's know how lucky you are. It never gets easier dropping your child off for someone else to raise them! Dear Sean,  I am thankful every day that you're in my life. There are times when we are together that I would love to pause and hold on to them forever. I'm sorry for almost punching you the other night. Not sure if you remember that, but you sure gave me a funny look... Thanks for loving me back and always smelling good.  Dear Beach, I can't wait to see you. I actually feel like I am going on a vacation. I can't remember the last time I had a bonafide vacay! Camping with two of my fav guys will def be a time that I wish I could pause. Dear Weather, please hold up. Rain at night is okay, but during the day sunshine is preferred!! Dear Gavinface, you're snoring next to me and it's super cute. :) You make my heart happy! I can't wait to camp with you for the first time! I feel like we're going on an adventure. 

besos sweet friends!!


Monday, July 2, 2012

Life Update!

So, it's been awhile!
Life got in the way a little bit...
Went from being unemployed for a month to have a 40 hour a week job with a commute!
Okay, not really full time yet.
I start tomorrow for 40 full hours, whoa!
Its for a great company and Im working with some awesome people.
Training has been a learning experience!!
Im actually getting trained the right way and if I have a question, they know the answer.
I feel so much better doing a job when I know what Im doing!

Gavin had his first day of preschool! What??!! Who let him grow up??

And, I also got a side job kind of...
By kind of I mean I'm getting paid to play on Pinterest!
Yeah, you read that right!:)
I wouldn't exactly call it work, but I am getting paid to do it.
Ummm, someone pinch me!!
I am pinning images that can be transferred on to t-shirts, postcards or as prints! 
Check out their website, Bedtime Graffiti
Some of my fav stories from when I was little are on there!
I am also venturing out to We Heart it & The Fancy
Heard of these other sites??
Got any tips or secrets??
Help a girl out! 
I'm gonna go check them out!!!

We had a party... at my parents house.
It was my guy's birthday and his friends birthday.
Joint party!
I thought it was a good idea, the boyfriend was nervous... 
I think my mom had the most fun.
There may or may not be a video floating around with her dancing with one of my friends...
We had more food than we could cook! 
We have a great group of friends, amazing!!
Everyone was on their best behavior, then we went dancing:)

Summer is officially here! I can't wait for river trips, dune camping and bbq's with those amazing friends!