Thursday, August 4, 2011

What am I feeling??

What if you knew every move someone was going to make?
What if you approached this person already knowing they wouldn't listen to you?
What if you knew the outcome wasn't going to be good?
What if you were being pulled between two people you love?
What if you didn't agree with either side?
What if someone you loved was being accused of things that weren't true?
What if no matter what you said one persons mind was made up?

My mama bear instinct is to stick up for the person being accused
I don't want to fight
Why have I chosen the "right" path, the "good" girl path if it didn't matter?
I don't want to hurt
My passive aggressive instinct is to say everything will be fine, but will it?

Words have been said, that cant be taken back...
I walk away from conflict
I'm the first to admit when I'm wrong, but I'm not
I shouldn't be involved in this, but I am

I just want to be happy, for me
What if it hurts people in the process?

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