Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's ok

It's Thursday which means almost Friday, yay! Ensue happy dance! Please don't imaging my happy dance, because from the looks of the way my son dances it's a whole lotta booty shakin... Must teach son how not to dance so bootylicious! I found this little linky loo from a friend of a friend's blog. Okay, we're not really friends but kinda... Check her out over at Brunch with Amber

It's Ok...

... that I may have committed a federal crime, but the fire was put out, no one was injured and the fire marshall was not called. (it was for a good reason)

...that I immediately facebook chat'd a cop to let him know of said details. I would make a horrible criminal!

...that I didn't shower today. What? I was running late and I showered last night. think my son is the cutest, espesh when he is refusing to use potty and I'm still changing  poopy diapers!!! not want to make dinner on my half day. I was having fun being lazy. I mean I was bonding with said cute son over his poopy diaper... dye my own hairs for a mere $3 a box and love the color! absolutely hate that they are remaking footloose and dirty dancing! Not cool people!! be excited I'm getting better at words with friends even tho I have no idea what the word QI means. who cares it's worth at least 11 points! watch my trashy tv, (bachelor pad, the challenge, most eligible dallas, kardashians, teen mom, etc...) with a smile on my face. have impromptu booty shaking dance sesh's with my boy:)

I could go on and on! I can find a reason to justify anything. Try me:)


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Savannah said...

oh, QI, I have used it many, many times and I love it : )

: )