Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday...


Whoa! How'd it get to be Wednesday already friends??! Linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple today:)

I feel like I've been rushed all day today! So, in honor of that I typed in relax & breathe into Pinterest and here is what I found...

I could use some of this, this afternoon!

Definitely doing this later!


Trashy mags, always a good thing!

words to live by!
Source: via Tina on Pinterest

I'll take a pair of these,
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

A tank top,
Source: via Jane on Pinterest

and these too!

a necklace to remind me should help:)

nuff said!

Well, alright!

I feel better already! Thanks:) I just got some good news as well! The day is looking up:)



MaviDeniz said...

i love that necklace, so cute :)

Kim {Yep, they are all mine} said...

I want that outfit: the jeans, tank, flip flops, and the necklace. SO cute!!!