Thursday, September 1, 2011

Awkward andAwesome

It's Friday!! Woohoo! Okay, not really, but it is my Friday!
Be jealous!!


Being totally cut off by some A-hole that is making an illegal u-turn and having him flip me off!!

Bloody noses! Not from me but from my boy:( He has a lot of blood!! Poor guy thought his brain was bleeding:(

Wearing a short lil dress on the one day it is windy, like really windy! To all the boys out there that saw my panties, you're welcome! Thank God I had cute ones on!

Stuffing my face as I drive from work to a meeting on my lunch. Hey, it was sushi...

My son looking out the window at night and asking me "mommy, do you see the man staring at us through the window"? WTF! NO!

Bought a new clock for the bathroon so I won't run late. Had to set it 20 minutes ahead. Then realizing while getting ready that I had 20 minutes to spare and blow dryed my hair. Thus making me 5 minutes late. Urrggg!

My face looking like I'm still in 7th grade... Thanks acne!

The bank teller at the drive thru opening her window in to my car. Thus, scratching it... Really??! Thanks lady!


Finding $40 in the park! Awesome right?? Well I walked around said park looking to see if anyone was looking like they were missing $40... Of course if I ask someone they're gonna say yeah. So I kept it:)

Buying new pillows for our bed! Heaven! No more kink in neck, score!

Buying a clock for the bathroom so I have no excuse to run late! haha, yeah right!

Bribing my son to go  potty in the toilet with candy. Good job mom!

Gavin saying hi to everyone, and I mean everyone, we pass in the store. It's kind of cute:)

Going out to lunch with a friend and having her put her leftovers in her to go container and it falling everywhere... Haha! I totally laughed at it! I'm not a beotch, it was a mutual laugh:)

Getting to see all of my hubs brothers, wives and nephews this weekend! We're getting the band back together:)

Loving my future seester in law! How'd I get so blessed to have amazing women in my family?

Crockpot! Enough said! Dinner is done:)

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