Saturday, April 30, 2011

~heavy heart~

So, as i was doing my weekly shopping I was paying for my groceries when a little old man walked by and told the cashier he would be right back and to watch his cart. Apparently nature was calling this man's name rather loudly and he couldn't wait to hit the little boys room. The cashier didn't understand him so i turned to look back at his cart and relay the message and my heart broke. In his cart were about 43 totinos pizzas *ick* , a bag of russet potatoes, a bag of onions, 4 boxes of cereal, 31 various frozen dinners, lettuce and some milk. I think the woman behind me noticed my shock and said his wife would be rolling over in her grave if she saw what he was eating. I just felt such sadness for him. He goes home and has his same pizza or frozen dinners every night by himself. I wanted to invite him over for dinner but then my son was trying to dismantle the credit card machine and we had to leave before nuclear meltdown happened in the middle of walmart. It was a moment where my heart was heavy...


Friday, April 29, 2011

Awkward & Awesome


besos friends!

Blah, that's how I feel this am... Maybe, its the staying up late and having to open at work. Maybe, its the hour commute that I'm totally over and can't wait for my 3 minute commute. Maybe, it's because it's FRIDAY!! Yep, That's it!! Im pretty sure it's supposed to be sunny today too, so that's a double whammy!! If its sunny and over 50 around these parts i pretty much consider it summer:) I love the sunshine!

~running into someone that used to be a really good friend and then out of no where they stop talking to you... makes me sad:(

~driving behind someone on the freeway during my hour commute and having them splatter a racoon and getting blood and guts on my windshield. Ugg, totally dry heaved and fought the urge to use windshield wipers. It just would have made a bigger mess!!

~ Spelling my name wrong on a coworkers goodbye card. Who does that?? Ive only had the same name for oh, 28 years!!

~ I GOT THE JOB!!! I have been trying for a while now to get a job closer to my house. The hour commute to and from work really cuts into my monkey quality time and that is just unacceptable! Nothing Ive interviewed for has been ideal. This one was perfect, perfect schedule, perfect location and seems like an amazing boss!! (I hope he is)

~ I bought myself my own mothers day gift! I usually get flowers and a card but I wanted something a lil more and there was no way the hubs would have gotten any of my hints. You'd think after being together for 13 years errr, 14?? he'd get the hints and be able to read my mind! So, I now have my own little mini computer! It's small and cute and does what I need it to do! yay!

~ My son eats his veggies first! Every meal! Every time! Amazing right??! When he's hungry for a snack he asks for fruit too! What an odd child I have. I'll just go with it tho:)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

Wow, what a busy weekend! I can't believe its already Sunday night!(started this post on sunday but was busy till now) This makes me sad:( Why do the weekends always go so fast, especially when they re so good?? **Warning photo overload!**


I love holidays. Why, you ask? Well, it seems to be the only time we can get all the family together in one spot. My husband comes from a large family (3 brothers) just in his immediate family. In this family I have two (almost 3) amazing, smart, beautiful and talented sister in laws. I feel like I hit the jackpot with them, seriously! I say large because its always just been me and my sister with my parents. We never lived close to our extended family. I can remember being little and going to our aunt and uncles house for Thanksgiving but other holidays it was just us.

So, one of the hubs brothers, wife and kiddos came down from P-town and were staying with my in laws and we all met up on Saturday night. Two of the three brothers and their wives and kids. The other brother is stationed in Hawaii with my future sister in law. My mother in law is an amazing cook and can cook up a mean feast! We had tacos galore, plus her amazing strawberry shortcake!! Yum!!

After dinner we got to dye eggs with the kiddos. This was always my fav part of Easter. I loved dying the eggs! I never realized how messy and stressed out this can make the mom... I have dyed hands from saving the eggs from being thrown by my monkey boy. Needless to say we both had a wonderful array of colors dyed on our hands. :) No harm, no foul. It washed off just fine.

Sunday, unfortunately, the hubs had to work. Who orders cable on a Sunday let alone on Easter?? I see where there priorities lay... So the monkey and I went over to my in laws for an Easter egg hunt (indoors, boo!) I remember being little in Southern California and getting all gussied up, yes, I said gussied. Running around outside and trying to find all the eggs before my sister could... Maybe that's the difference, we live in Oregon, where it rains year round!! Oh, but wait five minutes and it will be sunny again!

After a quick egg hunt we headed over to have brunch at another relatives house! Yay for yummy food! There will be no pictures of this said yummy food because I was too busy eating it and feeding the monkey. Trust tho, it was amazing!! Then after stuffing our faces we somehow made it home in a food coma and took a long afternoon nap! Then all of a sudden it was Monday!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Awkward & Awesome


~ Forgetting to turn handle then proceed thru door. (this happens at least once a day)

~ My son mimicking me throughout walmart and then saying very loudly that mommy will be having a timeout when we get home.

~ Forgetting where I'm driving to on the way to work. I blame my coffee not kicking in yet.

~ Seeing my OB/GYN at a sushi restaurant and having her keep looking over at my like she knows me but doesn't know where from... Probably because she hasn't spent much time looking at my face, ha!


~ My monkey boy waking me up with a kiss on the cheek, saying good morning mommy!

~ The sunshine outside! Seriously!!

~ The awesome mexi food I'm gonna chow down on tonight!! Thank you Hacienda!

Besos Friends:)

slight obsession with shoe pictures...

I was flipping thru my pics on my camera the other day and noticed I had quite a few shoe pics. Apparently I feel the need to take pics of my shoes as well as other peoples...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

~Live, Laugh, Love~

mmmm! It doesn't take much to make me happy:) Coffee is defintely one of those, add a doughnut and voila! The start to a perfect day!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

~Growers Market~

Makes me almost want to be a farmer, almost...

Here we are walking to the Growers Market. Every Saturday behind the Post Office in town local crafters and farmers gather to sell their goods. There's tamales, doughnuts, cupcakes and many more foods to drool over.

A definite must have were Cocoa Cupcakes! Soooo yummy~

It was hard for him to stop and smile for the camera between taking bites!

We got some giant carrots for dinner tonight! Look at them!

AND, last but defintitely not least, we got an awesome, delicious, mouth watering beef tamale! Homemade goodness!!! besos friends:)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hi, I'm a frazzled mommy!

I was gonna wait till next week and post this in Awesome & Awkward but I felt this needed it's very own post... I have always been a bit of a space case. I blame my mom. Notice how I blame shift?? Since, I've had Gavin it's as if my brain goes on vacation temporarily. I will be driving and completely forget where I'm going. I will go to the market and forget what I'm getting. Apparently, lists seem to evade my common sense. I will walk from one room to the next and forget what I'm doing mid walk while a repeat it over and over again. Gone, completely! It frustrates me to no end. Usually, you'll hear me groan in frustration when this happens.

Yesterday, was no different. I was able to run to the store for some much needed quiet time, without the little man saying mommy over and over again. Yay for me! All I needed for dinner was an avocado. I could have gone without but my sushi bowl (more on that amazingness later) just would not have been the same! It was definitely a need not a want! So, i run into the store, somehow the double doors that open erased my memory temporarily, because I stood there with a blank look on my face wondering what was the one thing I needed. Im convinced stores do this so people will over shop. Maybe it's the bright, colorful and sparkly displays but Im just like a fish, doesn't take much to bait and hook me. Ahh, avocado! Yes, I said that out loud and confused the poor produce guy who pointed them out to me. I grab my avo and make towards the self checkout. Where I see a women with no shoes on. I snicker to myself and think I would never forget those! I check out and run outside. I'm always running, always in a hurry! I'm digging through my purse looking for my keys and to no avail. Can't find them. They've disappeared!

I start thinking of scenarios that someone must have taken them. Reached into my purse and stole my car... I then think, well more logically would be that in grabbing my keys, purse, cash & phone i probably threw them on the seat. This didn't have me worried because I never lock the car unless it's with the key fob. I walk to my car and to my surprise and utter humiliation, the keys are in fact in the car, in the ignition and the car is still RUNNING!! Yes, I left the car running! How many people walked by and thought who leaves there car running?? And here i was judging the woman in line for no shoes!! I sat in my car and laughed, I laughed till I had tears coming out!

I got home and my husband asks me, what's so funny? All I could reply with is I'm an idiot and no way am I telling you! He understands these moments all to well. He was satisfied with that answer.

besos friends:)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Awkward & Awesome


Drinking my dutch bros coffee whilst telling a patient how much I hate starbucks. She then tells me she's worked at starbucks for 15 years... crap!

My son running away from me in the store while screaming catch me mommy!!!

Injuring my foot running from my child, not in the 5K


Running a 5k, yes I am still riding that high!

My son telling me he loves my face:)

Interviewing for a job 3 minutes from my house!

Besos friends:)


I make up my own words... There, I said it, it's the first step in helping, right?? Most of the time I have help making up words. Or, I'm just too lazy to complete a word, ha! I blame my phone for that, it auto corrects my words sometimes. It's always correcting a certain word to duck, which makes my texts seem cute and harmless. Not the effect I am looking for. Here's a few to help you understand me, most of the time at least...

Seesters: Duh, sisters! I have one sister that I was blessed with and two others that married into the same family I did. The third is almost ready to join our family. No, my mom is not pregnant.

Fercited: Excited! I borrowed this from my sister, natalie. It just kinda stuck.

Duck: I only use this with one co worker who I feel bad when I actually cuss around. I'm sure you can figure out which word this stands for.

Ridic: Ridiculous. I am convinced the Kardashian sisters somehow eavesdropped on a convo I had and stole this one. I was shocked when I heard them utter this word!

That's all I can think of for now. I'm sure there will be more to come later!

Besos friends:)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ran a 5k! What??!

So, I originally intended to write this up on the day I actually ran the 5k, but once my butt hit the couch it was adios amigos to anything productive besides The Real Housewives of New York City marathon. Priorities people!
(my beautiful mommy & me)

(the starting line!)

Yes, you read correctly! Well, maybe not entirely true, I tend to stretch the truth a tad, but mostly!! I ran/walked the 5k! Still a feat in itself, because I don't run, ever! I decided on a Monday that I would sign up and ran it, no practice or training on Saturday. The real reason behind it is as follows. My mom is a badass! Seriously! She runs 3 miles a day and occasionally bikes another 2. See what I mean??! Ive tried running with her but can't keep up. You'd think having 20 plus years on her I would stand a chance. Nope, not. at. all! I had a few friends running as well and my goal was to just finish. Cross that line, er two lines. I suffer from asthma. Suffer, now there's a funny word... Basically, my lungs aren't used to any sort of activity other than lugging around my adorable 2 1/2 year old. Long story, short, I finished in 41.35. Now, i know that is no record or anything to brag about especially to all my friends & MOTHER who beat me, but seriously huge for me! I think I will continue this running thing and see where it takes me. No, I will not turn into Forrest Gump! I know you were thinking it. :) Maybe next time I will train a little bit, maybe... Oh, and my mom, the badass, completed it in 30.34! I'm just excited I didn't come in last. FYI: the last persons time was 3:49.02. I so kicked that 99 year olds butt! Granted he had walking sticks... Maybe, I would have been faster with those?? I wont mention the dry heaving at the end of the 5k for those sensitive to bodily fluids.

(brittney and me)

I brought up the idea to my mom about signing up for a triathlon in the summer. I told her she could run it, I would swim it and we could get someone else to bike it. She stated she could bike and I came back with: "in the real world, mom" "not on a stationary bike". Her sense of balance isn't up to par on two wheels and I'm pretty sure training wheels aren't allowed on the triathlon... And the whole swimming in a body of water other than a chlorine filled pool kinda icks me out!:/ Moral of the story, anything is possible when you put your mind to it! Darn it, I always have such good excuses too!


Besos friends:)

Oh, hi there!

So, I am just gonna jump right in and start this bloggy blog thing. Ive been told I'm funny, with my weird, sarcastic and very dry sense of humor. I've had numerous people tell me that if I had a reality show they would watch it. Which doesn't sound very entertaining to me... I am a huge klutz, I get confused often and make weird faces all the time. I have my moments where I crack myself up but lets not take that I'm a stand up comedian. Most of my material comes from movies, tv shows and at the expense of myself or other people. Be warned! This blog is for mature audiences only!

I am a daughter, seester & mommy. I work full time, commute an hour to work (gah) each way and full time mommy. I make dinner every night. No exceptions even if it involves driving through a drive thru to put dinner on the table. *hard stuff right there! I get my LOVE of cooking from my mom. She makes amazing meals with little to no effort. Ive been known to tell what ingredients are in what foods just by tasting them. I rarely follow recipes and never measure. Hence, never the same tasting recipe. I rarely if ever bake. I am a creature of comfort and habit. If I find something I like I stick with it.

So, by reading this blog you may feel free to laugh along with me. If you don't laugh, what's wrong with you?? I kid;) These are the funny tales of my day to day life! Live, Laugh & most importantly LOVE!

Besos friends:)