Sunday, September 23, 2012

Five friends

I saw this on another blog. 
Pick 5 people,
 actresses, actors
that you would want to be friends with and why.

Khloe Kardashian

Umm, why wouldn't you want to be friends with her???! 
She's beautiful, talented and seems so down to earth. 
More so than her sisters. 
I want to look like her, somedays, on a very good day
with the light just right and if I make a certain face I've been 
told I kinda resemble her. 
and I love her sense of humor!

Dane Cook

He cracks me up!!
Sometimes, when I'm falling asleep in my office and forcing
myself not to hit my face on the keyboard,
I put Dane Cook on my pandora.
I turn it really low because it's not censored on there.
I die
then my coworkers wonder what Im laughing at??
Either I lie and they think Im cooco for cocoa puffs
admit it...
I love laughing!

Kristen Bell

I fell in love/girl crush with her when I saw this video!!
I want to go on double dates with her and dax shepherd!
and I kinda wanna play with the sloth!!

Wentworth Miller

Source: via Shavonne on Pinterest

I don't have a reason...
Well, shaved head, tattoos, and blue eyes...
and yes, I realize the tattoos were fake for Prison Break.

Rachel McAdams

She's funny, seems down to earth and beautiful!!

So basically, you must be funny, beautiful and in every sense awesome to hang out with me;)

Which all of my friends fall into this category!!

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