Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Zombies eat brains, that explains so much!

Hi friends!
So, last night in my dreams/nightmares I fought off zombies all. damn. night!
Talk about a sleepless night.
Then a lightbulb went off and I thought to myself.

Self: You should write a blog about this!
Self: You are a genius!
Self: I know:)

I have such good conversations with myself. Most of the time I keep them in my head...

Needless, to say I have ideas bursting out of my head on how to survive a zombie apocolypse.
Dont laugh, it's gonna happen!
How appropriate with it being Halloween soon!
Sidenote: I have no idea what I will be nor my lil man for halloween...
Procrastination at it's best people!

I never finish anyth...

Shiny things distract me. I need to work on that one!
Case in point, as Im typing this I'm doing 45,000 other things.
And I wonder why Im frazzled??

Back to Zombies.
I love a good horror movie! Like, love!
But, no one ever wants to go watch them with me:(

Warning: These are my ridicuclous thoughts with pictures from Pinterest to accompany them.
In no way am I at all serious...

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

I love this movie! If you don't know where it's from, I'm not sure we can be friends...

Source: None via Sierra on Pinterest

Gonna make you think twice before hanging out with me, huh?
Hey, self preservation at it's finest!

Some things that I will need in my survival kit include, but are not limited to:
Guns, duh!
A cute redneck guy that knows how to work a gun.
Why a redneck? They know things! Or someone in the navy, army or marines. Again, cute because if we have to re populate the world, well you know!
Redneck guy must come with a dog. Very Important!! Dogs hear things humans can't.
Make friends with expendable people... Now I sound mean. If we're all running I don't want to be the slowest! sorry, it's just the truth!
Find someone in the medical field to hang with. You will need them. Not picky, vet, nurse, doctor...
Always know where your keys to the car are. This one I will need to work on... I always lose them.

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

This girl knew where her keys were and it saved her after the adorable zombie girl from next door took a chunk out of her hubby's neck. Way to keep it together chick!

I'm thinking during the zombie apocolypse, coffee will not be readily available. That is a serious downfall... Illegal drugs will have to suffice. Find someone that can make legit drugs or know where they are.

Most importantly food. Im sure at the time I will think of food last, but we will need it! If we can somehow find a way to dig under or end up on the roof of a costco that would be awesome. That is always in my dreams. I like to aim high!

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

Which brings me to my next necessity. Paint. Apparently Zombies can't read in the these movies. I'm gonna go with it. Walking dead and all, not that smart... Find someone in your posse that can tag a wall up and spell correctly. I will shoot you if you spell something wrong... Just sayin!

Another important thing to bring along that I learned in the movie The Book of Eli. I hated that movie but still. A bible! Its one of the oldest books. Gotta bring that along.

As I type this furiously, I know I am leaving out vital necessities that will come in handy. Please feel free to add to it.

And just so you know, if you get bit. I will not hesitate to shoot you right between the eyes! I would hope you would do the same!

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