Friday, October 21, 2011

Whats that one word for an evil lil imaginary creature that runs around and hides things from you??

I have an evil minion!

That lil guy is chasing me all over the place.
He is slowly driving me crazy(er)

So far this week he has taken my keys, sunglasses, wallet, patient charts as well as my brain.
How he got the brain is beyond me!
While searching frantically for these items, I end up finding them in the most obvious places.
Brain is still MIA
I swear he's laughing.
I know its a he because a female wouldn't do this sort of crazy thing...
Never mind, it's a female.

Woman! C'mon give me a break!

So in looking up a minion on my favoritest website
I came across these creatures...

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

Umm, he doesn't look evil or mean in any way, shape or form.
what the heck??
He actually looks kinda cute.
If he asked nicely I may be willing to give him my keys, sunglass, wallet and brain...

Or is that the point?
Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

And, now I will have to see this movie.
Apparently minions = cute and adorable.
Huh, whodda thunk??

Okay, cute lil cuddly thing, be nice and I will get you whatever you want, mmkay?? 

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