Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eff, Marry, Kill!

Eff, Marry, Kill

I died when I saw this!

Who wouldn't want to play along??!
Okay, maybe a boy wouldn't...

Eff: Mr Scott Disick
I can't go into details but his mugshot resemblence does something for me, haha!

Marry: Lamar Odom
He's always so sweet to Khloe

Kill: Kris Humphries
He annoys me sooo much!
Thinks he knows it all!
Goodbye already!!

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Heather said...

Can I just make the whole Kardashian family disappear?? haha!

Sierra said...

I know, right?! They are famous for nothing but I can't stop watching them! It's like watching a train wreck! I'm transfixed!

Kodie said...

I'm addicted to the kardashians :)
eff kris (not a fan of his personality but he's more attractive than scott)
marry lamar (the most down to earth of the group)
kill scott

Sierra said...

can i eff and then kill scott??