Monday, October 24, 2011

A little weekend re-cap

By little, I mean small amount of words
lots o' pics!

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Friday night consisted of seeing this lil number!
To say I was excited is a huge understatement!
I love being scared, in the theatre where there are a ton more people
Well, mostly they were annoying 17 year olds that felt the need to
narrate the entire movie...
Which I'm okay with because they were funny and apparently I like to talk a lot.
Big surprise right?

I only screamed once, but I may or may not have had my sweatshirt over my
face for 99% of the movie...

The strange man next to me even asked me to get out of his lap
halfway thru the movie, rude!
He looked scared and cold, I was just trying to help him out...

These movies are so much  better in the theatre. Watching at home with the lights on just doesn' t cut it!
In driving home I have this guy tailgating me with his brights on, thanks a-hole!
As I turn onto my street which is in the country, no other lights around, he shuts his lights completely off!
And, continues to follow me, wtf?!
All the way till I turn into my driveway.


Saturday was a Costco trip. No we didn't buy anything.
But senior buffet was up and running!
Cantaloupe really??!
Isn't there something in the news about this epidemic??
Here have some salmonella!


Clean up Aisle 17! bottle of good red wine down!!
No, I did not drop it nor did my mom, but you best believe we ran, exclaimed oh no, asked for a straw
and took a pic! My mom wanted me to take it of her on the ground...
I opted for no.

I think the samples have gone slightly down hill. All this waiting in line for just a lil something... not worth it!
I did fall in love with a chickpea spinach patty tho. Oh my word! heaven.
I may have gone back 6 or 7 times...


Saturday night I got invited out to dinner for a girls birthday who I didn't even know!
It was super fun with a bunch of cool people.
The best part was my dinner. No pics because I inhaled it and shared:)


I got my pic from a certain someone, thanks mr;)
And, dinner was paid for. All I had to pay for was my skinny rita!
Not that great. I couldn't taste the tequila.
I think I'm spoiled from my friends restaurant.
Oh wells. Still a fantastic time of laughing:)


Got my boy, my couch and Pirates 4!
This is how he decided to watch the movie, laying on my legs.
I didn't know my knees could bend backwards!
Pirates 4 much better than 3.
Although I wasn't aware mermaids were evil, had fangs and hissed.


Sunday morning consisted of waffles, bacon, eggs and tractor rides!


I taught my boy how to eat a frosty the correct way.
I think I attract weird people...
I very strange man talked with us the entire time.
I'm pretty sure he was homeless, he had a metal bar he was carrying around.
Mom meter was on and alarms were going off.
My son decided to have a full conversation with him.
This man now knows what city we live in, how old he is, his name & my name.
Cool, huh!
Why not give him our address as well son??

I was nice but very wary of him.
I'm sure he was harmless, but you never know...

And, that's all folks!
Happy Monday and besos

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