Thursday, October 20, 2011

Boobies, the twins, ta-ta's, fun bags, etc...

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I'm sure that title got your attention!

Since it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month:)

"They" say to write about stuff near and dear to your heart.
Well, literally my girls are very near my heart!

Let's see I'm 28, almost 29, eek!
and have lived with the very large girls for most of my life.

I'm not joking I went from an A cup to huge over night. Well it seemed that way.
I have always had trouble finding a bra that fit awesome!
Tiny back and big boobs.
Before I worked at Victorias Secret, I was told no one has boobs that big naturally.

I told her she could grab mine if she wanted.
These bad boys were all natural.
I may have made a man waiting for his wife fall off his chair when I said that.

I know what you're thinking. Victorias Secret is so spendy!
Too much dinero!
They are worth ever penny!
Everywhere else, the straps hurt, the straps fall off, my twins escape, etc...
I want the ta-ta's to be secure in their confines.
I don't want my cups to runneth over!

Not to say that my girls haven't gotten me out of many a ticket, free coffee and numerous other things.

This by far, is my absolute fav bra from V/S. The Nakeds.
Its so comfy and cozy!
I actually sleep in it some nights, which is a bad no no in bra land.
Apparently you are supposed to give your bra 24 hours to have the elastic go back to normal before wearing again...

I went to go buy my fav bra the other day to find, they are not carrying it in stores anymore.
Effing figures!
I find something I like and they discontinue it:(
I checked online. It's there for a mere $31.50!
Way cheaper than in the stores but you pay shipping, grrr!

My boobs and I have a love/hate relationship.
Some days I love them and want to showcase them, other days I wish they would disappear.

Guys don't get it!
Maybe if they had to wear a nut hugger all day and continually had to adjust themselves, oh wait...
they already do that...

No truer (that's a word, right??) words have ever been said!

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

Hmmm, I wonder which girl the guy will pick??


My bra does come in handy for holding things.

Spare food for later, lip gloss, money, cell phone.
You'd be amazed at the end of the day with what falls out of there:)

Really??! There's just no excuse for this...

Nuff said:)

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Ashley Slater said...

I bought my boobs and I am proud! I did it right before my wedding so my husband wouldn't get to honeymoon night and think I was a boy. HAHA

VS bras are the shiz!