Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting...


Linkin up with Michelle over @ The Vintage Apple 
It's Wednesday, my 2nd fav day of the week!
Friday is my first, duh!

The weather has defintely cooled down.
We have our rainy NW weather back again for another 8 months, boo!

I'm looking forward to November.
Not just for my birthday, but to visiting my seester in the sunny so cal!
That is if flight schedules will work with my schedule...
oh, and if that money tree I've been looking for could make an appearance,
that'd be awesome too!

Oh, the heavens love me! Love me some bang bang shrimp!!

My mouth is watering, mmm!

Gonna make this for lunch today! yum!

Okay, that's all for food! You'd think I was hungry or something!

Source: None via Sierra on Pinterest

Amen, Betty, Amen!

Thanks boys! haha!

Have you seen this new fall show? It's hilar! The girl on the left makes it!

yes, please!

my mom veto'd this idea for my boy for halloween... I think it's adorable!

When I grow up, i wanna be pretty like this girl!
Ashley at Adventures of Newleyweds :)

Source: None via Sierra on Pinterest

sand, sun and surf!

and, this just makes me giggle!

The End:)

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