Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You're a good mommy...

This is the conversation I had last night while my monkey and I were nuggling (snuggling) on the couch.

Gavin: "You're a good mommy"
Me: "Thank you baby, you're my favorite little boy"
Gavin: "And you're a pretty princess too"
"but you're missing your crown"
Me: "How do I find my crown"
Gavin: "You have to find a good boy"
Me: "How do I find a good boy"?
Gavin: "You don't, he'll find you"
Me: "What do I say to this good boy when he finds me"?
Gavin: "May I have the crown please"
Me: "and then"?
Gavin: "He gives you the crown and you say thank you"
Me: "and what happens next"?
Gavin: "You live happily ever after"

This is my 3 year old telling me this. He's been watching way too many disney movies;)

Then, he punched me in the arm... typical boy!

and here's a video of him. ignore the screaming, it gets better;)
and I can't freaking figure out how to flip it...

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Hilary Anna said...

awww! He sounds like quite the adorable little 3 year old :)