Thursday, October 27, 2011

Always Awkward and a lil awesome:)

I always feel when I sit down to write this post
I have nothing to write.
Then I start thinking...
And, I severely underestimate my awkwardness.
I'm an idiot.
Plain and Simple.
If I'm not making myself laugh out loud at something I just did, while people stare at me
and wonder "why is that girl laughing at herself"?
Im making someone else laugh.
It's my superpower, oh that and creating a human inside me.
never mind.

Anywho, let's move on to my awkwardness
in bullet form because I'm feeling fierce.

  • Having man voice at work while answering the phones. Every once in a while having my voice go completely out on me and the patient saying hello 45,293 times before I can squeak out, "I'm here"
  • Having my son cover his ears and tell me to stop coughing I'm being too loud. Thanks son!
  • Trying to breathe as little as possible so I don't cough and getting dizzy.
  • my texting abilities before I can think of what I'm saying... usually only a problem in person when I use my inside voice outside.
  • don't drink NyQuil and text people!
  • Creepy men at the park with no kids watching and taking pics every time I turn around. Hello, I can hear the click on your phone. At least make it silent. I will never again say "If you like it so much, take a picture" because apparently they did.
and yes, I took a pic of them in the background.
looks like my boy is smiling he's actually squirming to get away from me:)
ps I am so white! Summer is barely gone and the whitest mexi you ever saw (besides my half mexi friend monique, haha!) comes out!

and a lil awesome

  • getting new sheets with a higher thread count! oh my goodness! I don't ever want to leave my bed! It's so warm and snuggly!
  • NyQuil and my new sheets! heaven!
  • getting to see a movie two weekends in a row! Sorry that's excitement for me. No one ever wants to go watch a movie. Yes, I have been known to go to movies by myself. During the day and at a random theatre so no one I know is there...
  • as always friends and the convos we have regardless if someones signal keeps going out and the call gets dropped 15,000 times. I'm not gonna take it personal... ;)
  • the leaves changing, the leggings, hoodies, scarves and amazing smells in the air. Fall is here loves!
FYI: when I spellchecked this snuggly is not a word, wtf, nor is texting.

That's all that I can think of for now!

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