Monday, October 17, 2011

a song that makes my heart smile:)

I am in love with this song!
I tried finding the actual video but it wouldn't let me embed it, enjoy!

I don't think it necessarily goes towards a significant other.

My friends, my family and my sister have been my rock as Im going thru this tough time.

Do you ever have that feeling with a friend that youve known them before?

That your soul recognizes them?
They know what you're thinking and no matter how hard you push them away, they still come back.

Most of my friends I've known for 10+ years.
When times are hard, I push them away.
I don't want them to know I'm hurting, or let them feel sorry for me.
There have been a few lately that keep pushing back and I'm thankful for that.
Not soulmates, but kindred spirits...

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