Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oh how pinteresting~ menswear

Boys have the easy end of getting dressed. They just throw on whatever and call it good. Until recently I didn't know that some men know how to use an iron. Yes, I asked and was surprised with the answer! Shocking!!

I watched Crazy, Stupid, Love last night and loved it!
Loved the humor, the story and ahem, Ryan Gosling a lil bit.
Okay A-Freaking-Lot!
That boy is delish!
His wardrobe is too die for!
Hence today's post on menswear!

And here are the following pins for this week:)
There's some man candy in here too!

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

hoodies on boys!

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

beanies are better!

this sweater is atrosh! but cam is delish...

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest


This one is just about ryan reynolds
he would look good in a garbage bag!
Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

And, I will take one of each of the following outfits, mmkay??
It is my  birthday month and all...

The end!


Kodie said...

I love that you refer to it as your "birthday month"...I do the same thing :) And my birthday is this month as well (at the very end so I feel that calling it my "birthday month" is A-OK).

Crazy Stupid Love is one of my favorite movies :) I saw it in the theaters and have been dying to buy it. It's currently in my DVD player but I was wiped out yesterday and passed out before I could watch it. Hopefully tonight :)

Sierra said...

OH! Happy birthday month to you!! So far it's been awesome! :) Enjoy the movie!!