Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend love...

This weekend was a busy one! Well, Friday night was.
I had one of my amazing friends in town from Boise, Idaho
I had a surprise bday party for a good friend.
Same night and same time!
Oye Vey!
I managed to run around town and visit with everyone!
It was exhausting but well worth it:) I recouped all day Saturday!

First, the hacienda. Duh! Katie in red, Aly top right, Sean looking terrified with me & the birthday boy! The birthday may have switched my drink and tricked me into drinking his drink that was basically liquid fire! Habenero infused vodka, fireball whiskey and cran. OMG! I felt the burn all the way down! Owww! I'll be getting him back!

Next, dinner at Blondies Bistro! I love this place! They have such a wide variety of yummy, mouth watering food! Plus they have an amazing Passion fruit Martini, that has habenero infused vodka. I passed on that one! Most of these girls I've known since middle school. Basically since I've lived here. It has been a while since we have gotten us all together. It was a blast. I love all of our sense of humor and attitude. The next time I will see Sara is at her wedding in May. I am so excited for it! Not just because of the unlimited wine either:) 

Since I spent all day doing nothing on Saturday I was ready to go out for a bit before I got my boy back. I went to dinner again at Blondies! Well, all I ate were there amazing sweet potato fries, but still. There was a pic, but I have yet to receive that yet, ahem, Katie:) I met up with some other friends and had all of 20 minutes to hang out with them, boo! I wish I could have stayed longer but had to get my boy! :) I got a kiss from a boy and a free flower that I may have taken from the restaurant... 

How was the weekend??
Besos my loves and happy monday! 

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