Monday, March 19, 2012

my baby love!

While setting up the bowling pins in my living room last night I realized how much I miss being a kid. Life as an adult is always go, go, go!
My son always asks me to play on the ground with him. Apparently sitting on the couch doesn't count. I try not to play on the computer when Im home with him.
Our nights become routine sometimes.
Dinner, bath, relax and go to bed.
Yesterday was different.
I tried to look thru the eyes of my 3 1/2 year old.
It started to hail, a lot!
Giant hail balls bouncing on the ground.
I found my sons face pressed up against the window.
I got us each a bowl and opened the door so we could catch them.
And later so he could eat them:)
The way he was laughing I wish I could bottle it up!
It makes my heart happy.
Something so simple made him so happy.
When he later asked if we could pull out every single one of his cars (there's a lot) I said sure!
Then came bowling. We set up the pins and he thought it would be hilarious to knock them over as I'm setting them up. I did that about 45 million times.
He then, introduced me to his pretend friends that were coming over to play. We had a tea party even though there wasn't tea, it was grape juice with chicken and doughnuts.
I love his imagination.
To end the night we read some books in funny voices.
As he was falling asleep he told me I'm a good mommy and he loved me:)
I'm a pretty lucky mama!

I always say moms should have super powers, more arms and super human strength. I think in a way we do. I in fact do have eyes behind me head, I can carry him and his millions of toys he must bring with him anywhere and I have super human hearing and smell. I can sleep through anything unless it's my son making the smallest sound in the middle of the night. I am instantly awake. I have learned how to catapult, somersault or cartwheel out of bed in matter of seconds, even before my eyes open. The other night I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up to a blood curdling scream from the bedroom. Since it was faster I went through the wall instead of around it. Think full body imprint! As soon as enter the bedroom, my heart about to explode from my chest, I see my son sitting up in bed, half asleep with a glazed look over his eyes. I know he's not awake, yet. He turns to look at me in such a way only a demonic child turns their head slowly in every horror movie Ive ever watched. He laughs as I'm slowly backing out of the room, staring at my cross hanging on the other side of him and cursing myself for not having holy water on stand by. Then he asks me a question. "mom, can I get a weiny dog?"  What?? No, go back to sleep! "okay" He then lays back down.

He's into this contrary point of view lately. No matter what I say his answer is the opposite. Which I've gotten use to, for the most part. I am not a morning person, neither is my sweet angelic boy. He goes limp when I try and wake him up. He tells me to go away, come back later. It's still nighttime. The one thing that will always get him up is if I say it snowed. Well the other morning it did snow and I was so excited because finally he would wake up happy and ready to go! I opened the curtains and told him good morning and that it had snowed. He opens one eye, looks outside and says "No, it didn't" Umm, what??

He's crazy, cute and always smells good:) I wouldn't trade him for the world!

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