Friday, March 2, 2012

Only the smarties get headaches!

Uggg, Im not that smart, but I have a rager today:(
I can't think straight, see anything on the left side of the screen and speaking coherently is impossible.
I love when I wake up with a migraine... owie!
I am currently chugging a quad kicker, but it's fighting to come back up.
Awesome visual, huh??

Who says you can't learn things from the internet??
Not me!
I rarely, if ever, watch the news.
The weatherman are always wrong and I don't want to hear about all the bad things that happen in our world.
Me = Fairytale
But, the internet is full of some entertaining news!
Here's what I learned this week!

Somebody call Bruce Willis!!

Someone's having a baby meatball!!!

Story of my life! So expensive to eat healthy...

My absolute fav episode of Whitney to date!

No big deal, dead grandma is just cooking in the kitchen!

Sprinkles cup cake has a freaking vending machine!

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest
I was gonna take this list up to 10 but my head hurts and Im gonna go lay down in the fetal position whilst sucking my thumb.
Happy Friday, blahblahblah!

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