Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Rain, rain and more rain...
I realize we haven't gotten near enough rain for the Pacific Northwest, but we have had our fair share of gloomy, foggy, sucky ass days:/
It's enough to drive a girl crazy!
I need my sunshine!!
I want it!
So I'm bringing some sunshine here today
so we can forget this:

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

And move on to some of this:

Im going to blame Raven over @ A mommas Desires and Pacifiers for giving me the sun and sand itch...
She just got back from a cruise to St Thomas and St Marteen, whatever!

I want to be taking pics

Or swinging in one of these

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

walking here
Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

Or laying out here

wearing this,

or this

and this

living in this!

But I think I will be stuck with this
for a lil bit longer, ugg!!!

P.S. Why does she looks so cute bundled up and I look like the one on the left when I layer the clothes on??

Oh, the weather outside is weather!!
C'mon summer, get here!!! 

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