Monday, March 12, 2012

Umm, where'd the weekend go??

Why is Monday so far away from Friday??
Had an awesome weekend:)
Despite the crappy time change. grrr!
Here's to it being lighter later tho!!

Friday, duh the Hacienda with my Katie (#1) and out on the town.
Had a lil thing called Fireball Whiskey, basically Christmas in your mouth!
I hate cinnamon, but this was amaze!
It was a late night, but sleeping in Saturday was heaven!!
I made friends with the taxi driver. At least I think I did...
Someone may have decided to lay down in the driveway and had to be convinced to get up because I was cold and wanted inside.

Then Saturday we went to the Enduro Cross Races.
Gavin loved it and loved his new friend he made #4 that kept giving him cotton candy.
Apparently he didn't find the apples, oranges and goldfish I packed in my purse appetizing #3.
The track was crazy #2, I was exhausted just watching them go around and around. The crashes were pretty awesome! Gavin only had to go to the bathroom 45 million times...

And then to top the night off, we went thru the VIP section outside and were locked in.
We had to climb the fence to get out. I've never had to climb out of somewhere.
As I was climbing the fence the scene from Jurassic Park where the fence gets electrified went through my head.

Im ready for this weekend now!
I've got a lil something friday early and a my super best friend Sara is coming in to town. It's basically the last time she will be out on the town "single" before her wedding in May. Which I'm in. And I will need to get my tan on soon so I don't look see through.
Maybe a Saturday Adventure with a certain someone:)

How was your weekend??
Besos my pretties!

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