Monday, March 12, 2012

Please don't be cursed!

I rarely have time to watch TV, but lately there have been two shows that have caught my attention.
Since I rarely have time to follow a show I picked an intellectual show that can really get my mind working.
It's thought provoking, scintillating and there are pretty people in it.
They tend to run reruns constantly throughout the week.
By the end of the week I have watched both shows that are 30 minutes long.
They're on E TV.

Haha, I was totally kidding about thought provoking...
Unless you consider why Khloe was handcuffed to Lamar
or why Coco was throwing out Ice T's grape koolaid

Khloe and Lamar

I really, really hope they are the real deal!
They are so cute together
Khloe happens to be my fav dash girl
She seems so real and is adorable! 
I love her hair too!

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

Please don't divorce, ever!
& have cute babies!!

Ice Loves Coco

Like he really loves her!
I came across this show by accident one day.
There was nothing on and I had never watched it.
I watched them renew their vows.
I cried, like a baby.
It was so sweet and Ice (Mr tough guy) was so emotional.
I love the way they talk to each other and they way he was totally down with buying a bigger house because she had too many clothes and needed a bigger closet.
That's love right there!
I love her kooky sense of humor and her giant butt she rocks!
A woman should have curves and hers are dangerous!
Please let them last too!

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

So, if I could pray for anything besides world peace and for me to win the lottery and be independently wealthy I would pray that these couples are 100% real and don't fall prey to the Reality TV Curse! 

I can't handle another divorce, not after Nick and Jessica!
I want the fairytale!!

What shows do you love???


Kodie said...

These two shows are my Sunday night favorites :)

After reading your blog I hopped over to Twitter and saw a link to this.

I hope the TV show curse doesn't hit these two because I do love them as well (and you think she would have learned after being on The Bachelor...oy vey).

Karla said...

khloe and Lam-lam!! * fist pump!
lol I love those two.. they seem to down to earth and trully in love. Ice and coco not so much.. really you clean in heels?! ehh lol

Jenni Austria Germany said...

if khlomar ever breaks up...i quit at life.