Friday, March 23, 2012

Fridays Letters

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There's a funny story that goes along with this glass...
I'm a lil slow on the uptake sometimes.
Most of the time I realize I'm not understanding something and I will go quiet.
Rarely am I quiet, that's your first clue.
This wasn't my wine glass, but I thought it looked pretty.
I was with friends and they started talking about how that would be a cool idea for a wedding favors.
Apparently I wasn't totally paying attention.
We had friends that did this with shot glasses at their wedding.
They finished the convo and I jumped in about our friends wedding...
The table went quiet and then they informed me that while I was in la la land, they had just had that exact convo. Literally word for word.
My subconscious must have been listening.
Insert red face... 

::Friday's Letters::

Dear Self: please stop embarrassing yourself. Dear Mr Police Officer: Thanks for not pulling me over last night, but tailing me forever thus inducing a panic attack:/ Okay it wasn't forever, but still!  Dear Gavin: I'm glad you will live after your minor scratch from the doggy that just wanted to play with you. Dear House: You are freezing in the morning, brr! Dear snuggly warm bed: We have a date tonight, repeat of last night! Dear Hunger Games Movie: Please be everything I am expecting tomorrow! Dear Monkey: Even though your ornery, I love you to pieces! Dear boy who is surprising me in every way possible: You confuse me sometimes. You keep me guessing. Keep doing it, I am loving it. Youre my fav:)

That's it, peace out my little rabbits!
Have a super weekend:)


Meg said...

Your boy is adorable! DO you call him monkey? I call my 6-month-old monkey! ;)

Cute blog!! New follower!

Meg ;)

Jes said...

the tailing by the police officers are THE WORST!
hopped on over from Meg's blog above.
looking forward to following!
xx jes,

Amy Powell said...

ha ha! that story's hilarious! it happens sometimes :)