Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday's Letters

Happy Friday my loves! 

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::Friday's Letters::

Dear Comfy Bed: Thanks for being so snuggly last night! Probably the best nights sleep in a while! Dear Coffee: You are amazing first thing when I get up! How have I not discovered this before??? Dear 75 Degree Weather: Please stay for a long time! I'm ready to play in the sunshine! Dear Snow: You were pretty on Monday, but sadly I would prefer 75* and sunshine over you. Sorry we are breaking up. No hard feelings tho, k?? Dear Weekend: Why do you take so long to get here?? Dear Gavin: I love playing race cars with you in the sunshine and seeing how fast you can run. I'm sure your elbows play a huge part in that! Dear Food: I'm over you hurting my tummy each time I eat. I've tried the whole not eating thing and it's not working for me. My tummy gurgled all night:( Dear Smile: thanks for coming back, I missed you! Dear Laundry: I'm sure you will come to life any second as the pile is taller than me currently. Please feel free to throw yourself in the washer, dryer and then fold and hang yourself up. :) Dear Doughnut: you tasted like horrible the other day, I'm glad I promptly got rid of you! Read about that here Don't want to waste those calories on something that tastes bad! Seriously! Dear Friends: Thanks for putting up with me when I am sad or grumpy. Dear monkey: You are my sunshine!

Have any fun plans this weekend??
Hmm, no plans yet...



Victoria said...

i agree with you about the wamer temps instead of the "pretty" snow :)

nice list!

happy friday!

Megan said...

A donut tasted bad?! Is that even possible? Haha!!