Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday's Letters..

Warning, some of these letters may not all be rainbows and butterflies...
I may be a lil bit cranky this am.
Im feeling off.
Being a girl and thinking with girl brain.
Speaking of that!

Dear Girl Brain, Ugg, I hate you and your thinking sometimes... Can you just give me a break, puhhlease?! Dear Pinterest, thank you for being around! Last night I got to make a super cute scarf with my bestie and will be sporting it tonight out dancing:) Dear Bestie, thanks for braiding my hairs last night! I now know how to fishtail it like a mo fo! That doesn't mean I won't be stopping by tonight and having you do it. My fishtail looks like a blind person tried to braid it with their feet... Dear coffee, please start to work. Im tired and cranky and need an emotional boost! Dear friends I am so excited to go dancing tonight. I don't know what I am more excited for! The loud, obnoxious music, sweating or watching other people grind on eachother and drop it low that should not be dropping it low... or wait, peeing in the disgusting bathrooms! Yep, totally gonna hold the pee tonight! Dear my lil man, you get bigger, taller and smarter every day. I can no longer pull the wool over your eyes. You remember everything I say! I love you to pieces and you are my favorite! 

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Happy Friday Loves!
Lets make this day go by super fast, mmkay??!



Emily said...

Your first letter makes me think of this saying. If you know who coined it - that would be great

"Look like a girl. Act Like a Lady. Think like a man. Work like a boss."

I try to live my life like this.

Amira said...

"My fishtail looks like a blind person tried to braid it with their feet" HAHA, hysterical :-) Love your blog!

Your newest follower,