Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bacon Tampons, a Kardashian being a Simpson & more exciting stuff I found on the internet!!

I am always amazed at some things I find on the Internet and hear out in the real world.
Real world being reality TV and all that hooplah!
Def not politics. 
Don't want to put you peeps to sleep out there! 
And, go! 

I am shocked! Okay not really, not at all. 
I'm sure a man came up with this one to get more action down south... 

I thought they were so in love! 
The got married every year for 6 long years...
Made adorable babies:( 
Whats this world coming to?

This girls amazingly funny, hilarious blog! 
She says everything I want to say and doesn't bleep out her cuss words! 
Go ahead, check her out and I dare you not to laugh!! 

Back to reality TV.
Just when I think the Kardashians can't get any cooler...
Not really that was total sarcasm
Although I love watching them, it is a total train wreck. 
They must be running out of stuff on them 
to print this.
If it does turn out to be true, I'm not surprised!

I'm gonna raise my hand and say I'm exhausted as well!
Do I get to go to an expensive resort and relax?
Hell to the no! 
Do I have chefs/ personal trainers/ nanny's/ personal assistants
to organize my every move?
Then how is she "exhausted" 
Eat a burger! 

The guy that makes me bust a gut when I watch him...
Another reason I love me some bacon;)
but wait, I have to stick it where??

Something to make you laugh, if you haven't already been laughing...

And, that's all Ive learned this week!
Don't you feel smarter??! 
Don't answer that...

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Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

seriously, if Heidi and Sean can't make it.. we're all doomed!
lololol :o)