Sunday, January 15, 2012


I despise those giant ass carts that have the steering wheel for the child to drive. 
Yes, it makes my son happy but  trying to manuever the aisles with those giant things is impossible!
Also an annoyance are the candy machines that charge an arm and a leg for bubble gum or some stupid prize that will ultimately break before you leave the store making you buy another one ... 

Thanks for that!

Imagine my surprise when my son points one out the second we walk in the store. 
For a mere $.50 you can have a mustache!
Source: via Sierra on Pinterest
Best $.50 I have ever spent. Would have gotten more, but I had no more quarters:/ 

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He wore it around the store saying howdy miss or mr. 
He had everyone cracking up. 
I may be going back tomorrow for some more... 
For the kid of course, why would I need a mustache;)

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