Sunday, January 15, 2012

Girl date & my first concert:)

Yeah you read that right. 
29 years old and I went to my first concert. 
Thankfully it was a mellow one...

Cas Haley from America's Got Talent & their opening band were The Fret Drifters of Southern Oregon.
They were both amazing! They now have two new groupies and we will be following them around:)
The Fret Drifters music reminded me of August Rush.
Amazing music!! 

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My friend, Brittney (who I have been friends with for 18 years) and I went on a girl date. Both being moms it's hard to organize our schedules to get the same hours off to be giggly school girls. She told me about this concert she wanted to go to that was reggae. I was down for some music so we met at her house and went to stand in line in the 30 degree weather... Yeah, we were freezing!!

She is amazing! 18 years and we've never once fought. Yes, we don't hang out all the time. Yes, we can go weeks without talking to each other. We should have lunch more or text or even call each other more. But, when we do get a chance to hang out we fall in to an easy rhythm. It's like no time has passed at all. She is an amazing mom, wife and friend. 
We need more of those girl dates brat;)

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