Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I confess...

I confess:
This kinda makes me feel good in a good catholic girl kind of way.
You know without walking into the creepy closet and talking to the masked person  priest behind the screen.
That used to creep me out to no end.
Why couldn't I talk face to face to someone about my "mistakes" I'd done?
Why did he have to hide behind that screen??
Always made me feel ashamed about what I was telling him and then,
when I had to go out and say my hail mary's and our fathers, I'd fake it.
I felt like I was being watched and so I just moved my lips...
Whoa, that was a lil deeper than I planned on spilling.
Sorry God!

I confess:
I can't keep up on my Hulu Queue:/
Every day something is being added & I have better stuff to do than stay up till 1am watching this stuff. ;)

I confess:
I love our paper shredder at work.
Why is it so fun to shred paper??
the cute lil crinkly paper that comes out of it!!

I confess:
This gloomy weather is giving me the blues!
Like not wanting to get out of bed blues, urrrg!
Source: instagr.am via Tom on Pinterest

I confess:
I rarely eat red meat but am super excited for the ginormousness (itsaword) of the burger I am having at lunch with two of the funniest girls I know!
Source: i.imgur.com via John on Pinterest

I confess:
I got a missed call yesterday from the mental hospital, so I called them back.
Then  I listened to the voicemail.
Apparently, "Becky" missed her appointment and they were concerned, oops!

I confess:
I hate calling insurances and talking to India.
They don't understand me!!

 Happy Tuesday Pretties!!


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Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

I hope Becky checked in, stat!