Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh how pinteresting...

Linking up with The Vintage Apple
For some amaze finds on Pinterest!

If you don't know what Pinterest is, Im sorry!
Do you live under a rock, a very lonely non colorful one??
Pinterest is a site you can categorize everything!
Dress the non existent child you dream of, pick the amazing house you can't afford, accessorize yourself while not spending a dime and pretending someday you will break out the glue gun and make something crafty.
If that appeals to you let me know. You need an invite and I can get you the hook up.
Send me your email addy and you're as good as in!

Although I have a huge addiction to Pinterest
I have been absent from the Pinteresting Wednesday!
Welp, Im back!
There's just too much ahhhhmazingness (itsaword)
to not show you guys!
Some of my pinned things have come from other blogs and I am now following more chicas on there that have amazing style!

So I am also a lil bit obsessed with the show House Hunters on HGTV...
I actually have it on my Hulu, that obsessed!!
I got the idea for the post from {here}
So I'm borrowing the idea:)

I love looking at the pretty houses or dumps. Seeing the different price ranges in the different cities and what they have to offer!
I love yelling at the tv when they are clearly picking the wrong house for the wrong reasons.

Or when they say they don't like the drapes in the living room and that was their final decision making factor.
Are you effing kidding me?
Or the men that say they don't want to lift a finger and would rather pay $50,000 more for a house "move in ready"
Really?? Wow, girl boner just went down!
Apparently I need a mans man, not a weeny boy.

Anyways, here are my picks for fav houses!!
Separated into categories, of course...
In my pretend, in my dreams sort of way!

I have always wanted to live in the city
I blame Sarah Jessica Parker and a lil show called Sex in the City.
Never heard of it, hmmm...

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

One with a fire escape would be awesome!
That way when the bad guys break in I have a way out
when I'm sad, I can sit out in the rain and ponder life.

Tree house, that must appeal to the kid in me.
This is so not a kids tree house!

Ohhh, a log cabin in the woods!
Yes, please!
With snow all around it, the fire in the fireplace cracklin and drinkin hot cocoa (which may or may not have some kahlua in it)
Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

This is where my dad and I will agree on a house.
I love uber modern homes!
The clean lines, the openness.
I can just imagine it with the beams and air ducts being visible.
The polished concrete floors!
I think it adds so much character to a home!

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

modern numero dos!
The plethora of windows letting the light in
This is my pretend house on the beach where I watch the sunrise and set:)

This is my modern home in the mountains, you know, if the whole log cabin thing doesn't work out.
Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

The Beach House!
Right on the beach:)
Smelling the fresh air, heaven!

This one will do too!
Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

This is my beach/cottage house
Loving the porch and huge front lawn!
Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

I saved the best ones for last!
The Mediterranean Style houses
I love these houses
So much character and style!

I could see throwing hug soiree's here!
With lots of friends and fam
Filling the house with laughter:)

So, when you peeps want to pitch in and buy or build me a house just go check out my Pinterest page and you will have all of your ideas!
Please and Thank ya!
Happy Wednesday Friends!


Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

That tree house is my favorite! If only I had one in my backyard! Love your pins!!

The Magnolia Pair


Ashlyn said...

i want them allll! haha but how cute is that tree house! :] that is def my fav.

Happy Wednesday
xoxo ashlyn