Monday, December 12, 2011

Glitz & Glam!!

It's that time where we get to share our goods!
Not those goods, ya pervs!!
The goods we got from our blogger swap!
I love getting anything in the mail that doesn't have to do with bills.
Cards, magazines, free samples and presents!!!
I didn't even have to wait till Christmas to open this one either!

When I heard that Raven & Lindsey
were getting a gift swap together I knew I had to be a part of it!!

I got paired up with Molly in Kansas.
 I was super excited to learn more about this pretty girl!
Newly engaged and planning her wedding!

We exchanged emails and got to know each other a lil bit.
Apparently her stalker skills are stellar!
She did an amaze job on finding me some supa cool finds!

Let the peecatures commence!

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Apparently she figured I'm a lil obsessed with E.L.F. Makeup products!
Okay, maybe a lot!
Nail polish, lip plumper lip gloss and eyeshadow!
She was even thoughtful enough to include a card.
Sadly, I forgot:/ Sorry Molly!!


Polish for the piggies!
Red Velvet with a top coat of Golden Goddess
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Metal Madness by E.L.F
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Royal Purple with Golden Goddess!
This one was my fav!
I usually hate painting my nails because I cant sit still long enough but
the polishes dried super fast!!


I love the eyeshadow and eyeliner!!
The lip gloss my!
I don't know if my lips needed plumping but hey they looked amaze!

I also got two other goodies!
There's a lil somethin somethin cooking in the oven!!

I had an awesome time getting to know molly and found another awesome blog to stalk follow:)

Besos loves!


Arielle said...

I LOVE elf stuff! Cute blog, new follower! :-)

Lindsey said...

you know how i feel about elf, so i love this all. I was actually pretty impressed with their polish as well even though it had not so great reviews. Molly is awesome, she actually won my elf giveaway so she learned from the best. haha! Thanks for participating Sierra!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Found your blog from the swap. Wishing I had known about it in time because it looks like it was blast. Loving your cute blog.