Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thirsty Thursday and some awkwardness...

Didn't want to disappoint. I love talking about how awkward I am. If I can't make people laugh with me. I sure as heck can make them laugh at me:)

Plus it's the start of my 4 day weekend!
We drink on holidays!
Well, any time we want to celebrate we drink...

Here are some important life lessons I learned this week!

I couldn't figure out why my clothes were taking so long to dry in the dryer.
I kept having to restart it over and over again.
Then a light bulb went off...
It was so jam packed I couldn't get the lint trap out of the dryer!!
Holy cow!!!

White pants and pouring rain,
will make them see through!

Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

Temper Tantrums!
Not me, although I have come close this week!
Having to leave the store with nothing because an adorable 3 year old is thrashing on the ground!
I'm not above bribing with gummy worms...
but then he asked for an apple instead.
Odd child!

This same odd child,
slept with a box of macaroni and cheese last night.
That's how much he loves it!
He lost it last night and I could hear him ask for it
then I hear the dry macaroni rattle. 

Watching a movie by myself and then,
having to ask a million questions to understand exactly what went on.

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

P.S. once I understood what was going on I loved the movie!!
JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg did not disappoint!


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