Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh how pinteresting & my friday;)

So as I sit here ready to compile a shit load of pics
from Pinterest.
Where else;)
I have decided that my fav chips everrrrr are Cool Ranch Doritos.
It's nothing new, I've always loved them.
I just never buy them because before I know it, the entire bag is gone, crap!
My fav thing to have with them is an almond butter and grape jelly sandwich.
Weird, right?
Now that you know my eclectic palette one to what caught my eye on Pinterest this week!
Exciting stuff!
oooh, and it's my friday!
4 days off in a row!

I do, I'm that funny!

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

If you haven't seen her commercials, google them.
I dare you not to laugh! There was snorting involved...

Everyone does, admit it!


So many times I have wanted to do this.
Really? Don't park like an asshole! 

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

Awesome convo!


Still the best show ever, hands down.


I'm gonna make this



and this!

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

There's something about this cat that makes me wanna talk like a baby to it...
annoying right? wrong, it's freaking adorable!

Oh, anne!

You would be my best friend ever if you got me a subscription to Birchbox aka the most amazing thing ever!!!

So get on the website and let me know when it will arrive on my door step!
Thanks loves! ;)

I guess I'll go do some worky work now!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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