Thursday, November 3, 2011

Awkward vs. Awesomeness!

Its rainy and dreary.
And, Im in love with it!
We've had a brisk couple o' mornings
Temperatures lingering over the 27 mark!
I love winter, but I love me some snow.
Seems all we get in this neck of the woods is freezing ice!
I wanna play in the snow, mother nature!
Get to it! 

~Apparently walking and putting pants on is impossible. I managed to slam my knee into the door jam thus making me tumble over. I looked pretty silly, ask my son. He was hyperventilating.

~That little dance you do at a four way stop and two cars arrive at the same time... or when someone wants to cross in front of you when leaving the parking lot. I swear I won't hit you, hard.

~The complete meltdown of my 3 year old toddler in a store. Tingling, sweaty armpits as the worlds slowest person is in front of me in line as my child screams over and over I want candy, I hate you and you're a bad mommy! OMG! Someone got a time out in the car while mommy walked around the car trying not to bang her head against the car. When he was done, he rolled his window down, apologized and said he was done. (that was cute and made me smile) I guess everyone needs a tantrum once in a while.

~Having a nuclear explosion at Target in my 3 year olds pants before we could get to the bathroom. New clothes were bought for him. Horrible. Getting to the bathroom and it's closed for cleaning, really??! You can bet your ass I barged right in there and might have made the teenager a tad uncomfortable.

~Mean patients. Don't be rude, Im much more likely to accommodate you if you are nice to me. If you're mean, I'll make your life hell :)

~Wanting and craving a doughnut but them remembering that the smell of them reminds me of the room at a video store that is behind a black curtain... Umm, yeah. So don't want that doughnut now. What, have I never told you about that one job I had where I had to clean something off of shelves in a little room where adult movies are rented?? Odd of me to not talk about that.

~Losing my keys, again! And not finding them for an hour. Yes, an hour! Remembering that i put them somewhere the night before knowing I wouldn't be able to find them... Having gavin look in the toilet and his play kitchen for them (that was cute) I found them, in my makeup bag. Where is my brain???

~Watching Water for Elephants, sad! I had to turn it off. I can't see them hurt the animals. Im glad I didn't go to theatres to watch it. :(


~Taking a pic for a group of people that are taking turns so everyone gets in the pic. Makes my heart smile to help people:)

~ watching movies all day Saturday, in my sweats with coffee, heaven!

~ T minus 8 days till I see my beautiful seester in sunny so cal! woot woot!!!!!

~Crazy Stupid Love, loved it! so awesome

~Making spaghetti and albondigas for dinner.

~snuggles with my boy


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Kodie said...

I was going to rent Water For Elephants this weekend and not I'm kinda scared to :(

My dad and I were taking pictures of people at Lambeau and then they were doing the same for us so we could get a good father/daughter shot with the field in the background :) My dad said he offered to do that for a group of people in Vegas and the guy didn't let him (it was almost as if the guy thought he was going to steal his camera).