Thursday, November 24, 2011

I am blank...

Love this Idea!

She's a genius! 

I am weird because
  • I eat sunflower seeds and they must be a certain brand
  • I alphabetize my dvd collection
  • I organize my closet by color & style
  • I make wishes on 11:11, shooting stars & dandelions
  • I hate milk
  • chips and salsa are considered a meal in my house
  • I eat raw cookie dough
  • most nights I wear my bra to bed
  • I leave the house with my hair wet and no makeup every day
  • I buy books, start them and don't finish
  • I don't sleep with a top sheet, just the comforter
  • I quote movies, even when I'm alone
  • I eat my burritos and pizza with a fork
  • I take the best pictures by myself in the car


I am a bad friend because
  • I don't answer my phone
  • I don't make plans in advance
  • I choose my son first
  • I am forgetful

I am a good friend because
  • I trust whole heartedly
  • I would do anything for any of my best friends at any moment!
  • I love my friends littles almost as much as my own
  • I only want the best for them
  • When they hurt, I hurt
  • I give a lot, but don't expect much in return
  • I can keep a secret
  • I can make you laugh, hard!

I am sad because
  • I have mama guilt
  • I miss my son when I'm at work
  • I get my feelings hurt easily
  • I never feel good enough
  • I can't please everyone
  • I never have enough time
  • My baby isn't a baby anymore

I am happy because
  • the friendships Ive made thru my blog
  • a healthy son
  • fire in the fireplace & snuggles on the couch <3
  • my close relationships

I am excited because
  • new adventures
  • turkey, yams & stuffing
  • christmas decorating
  • arts and crafts
  • snuggles
  • a new year

And, yes I did notice that the weird section is a tad bit longer than everything else...

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Kodie said...

I also alphabetize my DVDs :) And my books are organized by author. It makes it so much easier to find a book or movie you want. My sister thought it would be funny to mess up all my movies and switch around cases...I was NOT happy.