Thursday, February 2, 2012

Random much??

It's Thursday, which means almost Friday!
and that means almost the weekend!

Since having a plan is never an option for me, I have no idear what we are doing for Superbowl??
P.S. Who's in the Superbowl again??
Kidding, okay not really.
I will pick the team who has the prettiest colors...
Really, I just want to eat and socialize.
Is that wrong??

Umm, I'll brink snackies and booze!

I hear we are supposed to be getting some sunshine and 50* weather soon.

No thanks to Phil (whateverhislastnameis)
6 more weeks of winter, really?!
I know we need the rain and or snow, but
lately it's just been fuuhhhreezing!
Im ready for spring and then summmmmmeeerrrr!!!

Speaking of Summer.... 

This white girl needs some sunshine and Vitamin D stat!
I have been so sluggish lately.
I know tanning beds = death
During our winter I get so blah and want to commit random acts of violence and I've found tanning is the only solution, plus I look skinnier...

Haha, I could totally never hurt anyone.
Unless it was unintentional...
or they hurt my family or friends, then watch out now!
Totally kidding, kind of...

I love all animals when they're little.
If kittens and puppies never grew up I would have a whole slew of them.
Wait, they tend to pee, poop and chew on everything huh?
So in theory, they sound perfect...
But then they grow up and are big...
I've always wanted a baby giraffe!
They're so cute, but then they get kinda big and the food bill would be through the roof as well as their head...

Isn't he the cutest (totally using baby voice right now)
Kinda looks like ET!
I would freak out if I got to hang with this guy for the day.

Which brings me to this video!
I came across this video on Facebook the other day.
This would be my reaction to a baby giraffe!
I already loved Kristen Bell, I now know for a fact if we met we'd be besties!

Betty White is 90, she's been around for quite some time.
Everything she says must be correct!
How the heck else do you live to be 90??
These are words of wisdom people.
I will be having my glass of wine tonight:)

 I need one of these!
Emotional roller coaster over here in these neck of the woods...
Turned into a needy annoying person earlier this week:/
Totally not me! Promise!

I got permission, not that I need it but it was much appreciated,
to watch my fav show so I could be happy.
Apparently watching shows about murder and mayhem are not
conducive to a happy attitude.
Weird, I know!
They don't know it but we're best friends!
That's how they say hi to me:)

As Im typing this, Im cracking up at myself...
Hope I made you laugh too friends! ;)



Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

I have zero intentions on watching the Super Bowl. Nope, not for me. The perks of not living with a man.. haha!

Style, She Wrote said...

You definitely did! That picture of the groundhog made me crack up. xo style, she wrote