Monday, February 27, 2012

I confess

Confession Session:

I confess: I am loving one certain patient that will either A. bring me a sandwich or B. bring me a dutch bros gift card. Shes my adopted grandma:) I will get her in whenever she wants! I am not above bribery!

I confess: That the weekends are wayyyyy to short! I think my optimum work schedule would be Monday thru Thursday 10am-3pm, no lunch, just work straight thru. And get paid top dollar. I need a tip jar... See #11 on this post.

I confess: That no matter how naughty or weird my lil man is, he continually cracks me up and will always be my numero uno in my life.

I confess: I like my adventure Saturdays lately:)

I confess: Although I made fun of a few celebrities it was all in jest. The pretty people can take it, its what they get paid to do!

I confess: I get so many ideas to write on here and I always think I will remember them and poof they're gone! eff!

I confess: Most Friday nights, I am home in bed by 10... I am super cool!

I confess: As much as I complain about my boobs, I love them. If my hairs don't come out right, low cut top it is! Problem solved!

I confess: I love each and every one of my friends. I may not say it enough or see you guys enough, but from the bottom of my heart I feel blessed to have all of you in my life:)

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