Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Friday Lovers! Friday's Letters and Im a winner!!

So you know those silly contests on fb where it says "share to your wall and you could win!!"
Well, I always do that. Never thinking I will win, what with 45 million other people entering too.
Ack! I won!
I won a free pair of shoes from Red Dress Boutique

Although this was a very hard choice, I decided to go with the bright yellow ones!
Perfect with jeans and a black tank!!

How was your Val Dee Times Day???
Mine was perfect!
My daddy brought me flowers to work!
He's the best!
I made myself an amazing dinner, spoiled my lil man with an abundance of stuff & was in bed early:)
Here's my Val dee Times card, special, right??

I got myself some red skinny's!!!
@ Tarjey for $10 dollhairs!
Can't beat that!!
I plan on wearing these tonight with my black hoity toities and black tank!

Friday's Letters!
(linking up with Ashley @ Adventures of Newleyweds)

Dear my lil man: I am so happy you had a good val dee times! Even though you thought it was your birthday... Dear Patient who doesn't know who Adele is: OMG, I even sang you a song and nothing! Please turn on the radio for 5 minutes and you will hear one of her songs... Dear Kevin Costner: Worst Bodyguard...ever! (sidenote: notice I pointed the funny at someone other than Whitney. I am not trying to make a joke about substance abuse. As someone who has lost friends and loved ones to addictions I know how it hurts, I would never make fun of or call names to people that suffer from these.  Ive been with the families at times of grief. Who am I to judge, not my job!) Dear Dutch Bros Barista who thought my scarf was giraffe: thanks for the laugh and yes, very expensive and rare... ;) Dear my gavi: I will work on getting Captain America to save us when we are in a dangerous situation. Have I mentioned I love your brain?? Thank you for always saving the red and purple skittles for me because you know they are my fav. Dear Girls Im going out with tonight: I am beyond excited for the shenans about to take place!

Happy Friday Loves!!


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